Vanity Fair Writer Brett Berk Describes Kurt & Blaine On GLEE As "Fags"

Vanity Fair writer Brett Berk just stepped into a whole lot of sheet (music)

While reviewing last week’s episode of Glee titled “Sexy“,  Berk referred to the two main gay characters of Kurt Hummel and Blaine played by Chris Coffer and Darren Criss doing a rendition of Neon Tree’s “Animal” as” foam-party fags”

It’s surprising that Vanity Fair would even print a review of this and whats even more surprising is that Berk who is gay himself and  who obviously received his writing degree from the Copacabana School of Journalism has no idea what a “foam party fag” is actually like.

Expect a Press Release from GLAAD in 2-4 days, more if Vanity Fair is a contributor.

What do you think?

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