2 thoughts on “Somewhere In Heaven Harvey Milk Is Crying…..

  1. This is an odd statement, one that seems to invite the idea that Harvey Milk would have preferred to have his camera store sit empty.

    From what I read, no one got mad at the gay landlord who owned that real estate and was charging inordinate fees and made it impossible for anyone to reopen the store. Yet everyone is mad that an organization that could afford those indordinate fees did take over the spot.

    I'm writing this as someone who doesn't care for the HRC, an organization that does absolutely nothing to improve my quality except encourage bitchy for profit only activists and bloggers to scapegoat other gay bloggers and activists.


  2. Not wierd at all.

    HRC really can't afford that spot and the money it is spending on it comes from peoples donations for them to actually do something. NOT open a "gift shop" that will profit because many people visit the landmark to pay homage to Harvey.

    Also the bourgeoisie A Gays at the HRC are exactly the same type of people who tired to hold Harvey back in the 70's and the ones he had to fight against to to be open, vocal and FIGHT.

    IMO its a slap in the face that the HRC will now make money off Milks name and stature and it is a BIG deal to me….anyway

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