FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Evil Black Hearted Homophobes Don’t Let Friends Be Gay!

“The biggest trophy that gay activists now seek is the redefinition of marriage. Currently, only five states allow same-sex marriages. How can a team leading 45-5 be losing? Where the people have decided, 31 out of 31 states have upheld marriage as a male-female union. A 31-game winning streak rarely signals a losing season. 

If family members saw that I engaged in behavior that put my physical health at risk, I would expect them to warn me. If my closest friends believed I was in a harmful relationship, I would want them to help me escape it. If I were falling into sin, I would want other Christians to call me to repentance. We will continue to speak the truth (even hard truths) with love (sometimes tough love). But we will not be silent.” – President of the OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED HATE GROUP The Family Research Council Tony Perkins, in a letter published by USA Today.

“If I were falling into sin, I would want other Christians to call me to repentance.”

Okay Miss Princess Tiny Meat here goes…..

Tony.  Hatred is a sin.  Lying is a sin.  Vanity and arrogance are sins.  Meanness of spirit is a sin.  Profiting off the gullible in God’s name is a sin.  Repent, Perkins before GOD bitchslaps the shit out of you……ot I do!

What do you think?

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