Bishop Harry Jackson Claims the African American Church Stopped Gay Marriage In Maryland

Hate mongering Bishop Harry Jackson who right at this moment hasMartin Luther King is spinning in his grave.  Stepped forward today to grab the credit for being a hateful bigoted homophobe and dragged the entire African American Church into the sinkhole whit them by claiming that they were responsible for stopping gay marriage from happening in Maryland.

Now we all know that all Christian black people ARE NOT anti-gay.  But what amazes me are the ones who are.   The seem to conveniently forget that the opponents of black freedom when they were working towards abolishing segregation and gain civil rights were using scripture passages to advocate hatred against black people in the south and in congress. The same religion that they are now following. Also, during that time there was a shift in values between the Democrats and Republicans. The racists of that time are now in the Republican party rather then in the Democratic party (which was dominated mostly by wealthy southerners at the time). So ironically, either way, if you are a modern black person today and you are A) A devout radical Christian and/or B) A Republican you are standing against everything that Martin Luther King fought and died for which was to free ALL oppressed people from in this country.

What do you think?

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