Tony Perkins and Family Reseach Council: Give Us Money Because WE ARE A Hate Group!

Ginger haired bigot and closet case Tony (Tiny Meat) Perkins took to the Internet looking as for Right Wing Welfare donations today for his band of merry haters at the Family Research Council today using the fact that they are now labeled a hate group as a hook to raise money.

“As you may have heard, the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently declared Family Research Council and a few of our allies as ‘hate groups.’ How do you feel about you and FRC being lumped in with neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, racist skinheads, and other radical organizations? I am outraged. But more than that, I am concerned. Never before has FRC been slapped with such a false and malicious accusation by an organization claiming to be mainstream.

We can let the Left intimidate us into silence. Or we can keep doing what we’ve been doing for 28 years here at FRC: speaking the truth in love about the most important issues facing our country. That work is what FRC will continue to do. Will you reaffirm that this commitment is also yours by giving a gift today to strengthen our staff and your voice? Any size gift you give today will be a tremendous help as we strive this month alone to raise the funds needed to sustain our presence on Capitol Hill, in the media, and around the nation. After you give a donation, will you also sign the Statement of Support to join the many who are protesting this attempt at censorship?”

Whining, then “speaking the truth in love”, then asking for money?  Miss Perkins is shameless.

“How do YOU feel about you and FRC being lumped in with neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, racist skinheads, and other radical organizations?”

I feel it’s appropriate and correct. But I imagine the neo-Nazis, KKK and racist skinheads are pretty offended.

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