Tea Party Holds Anti-Gay Rally In Iowa – Proof That It’s NOT All About Fiscal Consevatism

Tea Party and right wingnut freshman Republican State Representative Kim Pearson  along with Republicans Tom Shaw and Glen Massie appeared at a Tea Party sponsored rally in support of a ban on same-sex marriage in Iowa.  Pearson, Shaw and Massie helped draft legislation to impeach the remaining four justices on the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Omaha World Herald about Pearson speaking at yesterdays Tea Party Event:

“I’m a Christian, social, fiscal conservative,” Pearson said. “The social and fiscal conservative values work.” Speakers at the event called on Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, to allow floor debate on a resolution to ban same-sex marriage in the state. A resolution is required for the constitutional amendment process to move forward. Gronstal has stated repeatedly he will block such a debate, saying that the Iowa Constitution should not be amended to deny rights to people. It’s expected that such a resolution would pass the GOP-controlled House.

We have to listen to the people,” Pearson said. While she supports a constitutional amendment to overturn the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage, she said, she would prefer that a ban come through the legislative process because that would be faster. “The definition of marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “God is our ultimate lawgiver.

What rocks have these people crawled out from under?   What asylums have they escaped from. When are these wingnuts going to realize the United States is NOT a Theocracy?

And now not only is the Tea Party just chock full of dangerous loons they are also proven liars, especially after all that bull during the elections insisting that they were only concerned with fiscal matters, and that social matters weren’t and would never be their concern.

TEA PARTY =  Bigoted, Hateful, Crazy, Dangerous, Idiotic Right Wing Nut GOP’s in stupid Colonial Costumes. 

Tread on THAT .  Mother f**ckers

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