Ron Howard’s "The Dilemma": Opens To Only 20 Million Dollars In 4 Days. NOW THAT IS GAY!

The Ron Howard-directed film “The Delimma” that has been on the LGBT radar screens and front and center with publicity because of Ron Howards refusal and somewhat muddled homophobic disbelief that people could find Vince Vaugh’s character sayying the line “That’s gay” offensive., is expected to earn only $20.7 million over its four-day opening weekend, coming in at second place against The Green Hornet

This is Vince Vaughn’s worst opening since 2001.

The Dilemma cost $70 million to make and has a craptastic score of 25% at and includes such reviews as:

“There are more laughs in SCHINDLER’S LIST” – Killer Movie Reviews

“…clumsy, unfunny, disgracefully sexist.” – Tolucan Times

“The only thing missing from this slight comedy of misunderstandings is Mr. Furley – and a scene set in the Regal Beagle – What Would You Watch

“The January movie burial ground claims another victim. RIP.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

Now that really is GAY………..REVENGE!

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