Family Reserach Council Hate Group Working With GOP Leaders To Overturn D.C. Same Sex Marriage Law

Now that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of Bishop Harry Jackson, whose lawsuit demanded that Washington DC residents be allowed to vote on same-sex marriage the haters just refuse to give up.

Their latest “new strategy” comes via Tony Perkins the President of the hate group the Family Research Council who states he  is working with GOP leaders in Washington to to overturn D.C. same sex marriage laws and is calling upon his hateful homophobic minions to call Congress to act on overturning it.

Via FRC Email:

Last year, when the city council exploited the process and forced same-sex “marriage” on the District, House leaders could have–and should have–gotten involved. Instead, members chickened out and did nothing. Fortunately for D.C. voters, times–and the party majorities–have changed. I’ve been discussing possible steps GOP leaders could take to do what the city didn’t do: give the people a voice. Believe it or not, Congress has the power to override the D.C. government’s decisions any time it wants. It could reject the marriage law outright or order the District to adopt a new statute that would put this issue on the ballot. What the Left doesn’t want you to know is that D.C. doesn’t have the authority to block referendums on marriage. Only Congress does.

The answer for us,” Bishop Jackson said yesterday, “is to return to the political process.” And you can help! With a strong new Speaker at the helm, Americans can demand that our nation’s capital follow our nation’s law–which is that marriage is the union of a man and woman. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee. As a representative from California, where Proposition 8 is under attack, he knows firsthand the importance of leaving these issues in voters’ hands. Email or call him (202-225-3906) today and encourage him to give the people of Washington, D.C. the same opportunity. For more on what FRC is doing to protect our federal marriage law (DOMA) from the administration that’s supposed to be defending it, check out our press release here

The interesting part of this is this comes from the same people who call for smaller goverment but have no problems running to the government when things don’t go their way.

Whats equally disturbing is that members of Congress work with hate groups.  Would such a thing be tolerated if it were the KKK working with Congress? This is something that really needs to stop and we need to do our best to make that happen.

Its clearly evident that Jackson, Perkins, Gallagher, Brown, LaBarebera, and the AFA, FRC, FOTF, and all the other alphahomophobic groups will not stop until we make them stop.  And that’s something that we have to work on by calling for their tax exempt status’ to be revoked, that the FBI looks into the possibility of RICO charges and we seriously start to play dirty and dig up whatever dirt we can on the leaders, and you know with this crew there must be many skeletons in the closet, and  bring them down. (In a non-violent way of course)

What do you think?

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