Family Research Council Hate Group Prays For "Supernatual Intervention" Against The Gays!

The  recognized hate group the Family Research Council headed by ginger haired closet case Tony Perkins has hit a new level of crazy today as it asks its homophobic small minded lemming followers to pray for “supernatural invention” against the America”s filthy perverted homosexuals (The picture at left are pillars of salt btw)

From the FRC Prayer Team via Right Wing Watch

America’s moral decline is directly related to His people’s public and private acts of disobedience that dishonor God and His eternal laws. Scripture warns that the shedding of innocent blood (e.g., abortion) and perverted sexual practices are abominations that call for Biblical judgment. America is now under such judgment. Can we find our way back? God has only one prescription. With the traditional American family in near statistical free fall, homosexual activists persist in their destructive agenda. Backslapping and self congratulation at President Obama’s signing of the law to overturn DADT left Biblically informed onlookers aghast. Obama and Vice President Biden say they are rethinking their position on homosexual “marriage.” Yet God’s plan for marriage, family, and natural sexuality is essential to the survival of our nation.

May God’s people have faith to believe that laws giving those who practice homosexuality special rights, protections and privileges can be reversed! May the Lord supernaturally intervene to do so.

Well their prayers might not be working correctly because the only thing the power of Christ is compelling me to do is bitchslap every one .

Supernatural Intervention eh? Whats that quote again about suffering a witch to live?

What a bunch of evil morons,

What do you think?

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