World Net Daily CLAIMS Army Colonel Has Requested To Be Relieved Of Duty Because of DADT Repeal

And so it begins……

World Net Daily is the largest Christomaniac news website online today is reporting that an “unamed” lietenaunt colonel in the US Army has asked to be relieved of duty so he doesn’t have to lead a bunch of sissyboys into combat.

A lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army has confirmed to WND that he is asking to be relieved of the command of his squadron because of the new policy. And former combat personnel are telling WND that they are continuing to keep the pressure on Congress to reverse itself. “I have already requested through my chain of command that I be relieved of command of my squadron prior to new policy implementation on grounds that my personal beliefs don’t permit me to force the coming ‘behavior modifications’ training and other inevitable policies on my soldiers,” the officer, whose name has been withheld, wrote to WND. The statement highlights the question of whether soldiers themselves are ready to go along with the controversial social experiment imposed by Congress, or whether they’ll carefully withdraw from command positions and troop ranks, pack their bags and leave the military.

It’s amazing that this “unamed” person actually made lietenaunt colonel because it sounds like someone lacks the discipline required to be an effective part of the military team. If said person actually exists, that is. The Army is probably better off without him.

World Net Daily,  is also goading other anti-gay soldiers and officers to come forward with their post-DADT plans.

What do you think?

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