Video – Senator Kay Hagen’s Office Vandalized, Spraypainted With Swastikas

Sen. Kay Hagan’s (D-N.C.) Greenville, North Carolina, office was targeted last week in a vandalism spree that left many downtown buildings spraypainted with swastikas and other Nazi insignia.

The phrases “Criminal Government,” “What good is justice if the scales are bent” and “blind follow blind” were all marked in purple paint on Hagan’s office and in the surrounding area on early Thursday morning. ThinkProgress points out that some of the tags appear to be from the song “Black Panther” by singer Mason Jennings

Wow – it took such courage of him to spray paint nasty slogans on those walls during the dark of night.

Caution: “Teashirts­” at work.

Via:  Huffington Post/Think Progress

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