NOM Backs TN Anti-Gay Marriage Billboards With An Ironic Twist

Dit hier Bijbel Bons zitten zinneloos jawoord?”

Looks like The National Organization For Marriage have made some new friends in Cokeville, TN where two anti-gay marriage billboards have sprung up to squals of joys and delight of all the anti-gay homophobic bigots in town, which there seems to be many.

From The NOM blog

“I just thought this billboard was a marvelous idea,” Lois Irby said. “You hear so much about same-sex marriage on TV, and it’s so readily accepted by the public. Children, unless they have some kind of religious training at home, are taught to accept it and not question it or feel that it’s wrong. I think God’s word needs to be inserted as often as possible to reaffirm that homosexuality is wrong. It doesn’t need to be presented in a glorified light.”

Kerry Duke, who also serves as dean at Tennessee Bible College in Cookeville, said the group purposely avoided a reference to “traditional marriage” in the billboard. “The will of God — not tradition — is the basis for saying that marriage should be between people of the opposite sex,” Duke said. “Marriage between a man and a woman is not right because it is traditional. It is traditional because it is right.” He added, “There are two basic ways of looking at marriage. Either humans invented marriage or God created it. If marriage is a human arrangement, then a society may alter it at will or do away with it altogether. But if marriage is a divine institution, then only God has the right to say what it is and who has the moral right to be in it.”

Okay other than the couple on the Billboard not only looking like they are related can be found at but I am sure that the Billboard maker was hard pressed to find a good looking. christian heterosexual married couple in Tennessee with 32 teeth between them  

The even better part is that both the models and photographer hail from Denmark! The first country ever to legalize same sex unions back in 1989. And the third highest percentage of atheists in the world. (And also rated the happiest population of anyplace on earth.)

Oh irony, why art thou so delicious?

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