DADT Not On Remaining Congressional Schedule, Might Be Dead

Here we go.  Fucked again without lube!

House Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid announced the scheduling for the next two weeks in the Senate, in which the Defense Bill with the DADT repeal included is Missing In Actiion.  Or in others words its NOT on the schedule.  Reid lays out the schedule for now until December 17th, when the Senate adjourns. In it, there’s no mention of the Defense bill, or DADT repeal. Finally, he is prodded by a colleague to say something on the Defense bill.

Which Reid then talks about as an after thought!
Reid states that the major sticking point on the Defense bill is the amendment process. The Republicans, of course, are demanding an “open amendment process”  Reid says he would be open to considering some amendments if there are time agreements on those amendments.

What a bunch of good for nothings.  The Dems, The Repubs, Obama, Our Orgs. 

Once again we get NOTHING.  How long are we going to sit back and take this?

And someone PLEASE explain to me why they 8 DAYS off  BEFORE Christmas/

What do you think?

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