Unfunny Adam Carolla: "I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms."

Unfunny neanderthal comic Adam Carolla who’s probably best remembered for “The Man Show” which aired on Comedy Central with Jimmy Kimmel has just shoved a stake through what little of his comedy career he has left.

Corolla, on how he’s writing his will: (And this ISN’T a joke)

Look, if something happens to me, I’d rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal. I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms. I don’t believe this, I just know this. I’m an atheist, it’s not a religious thing, it’s a nature thing. Whenever I say this, someone says, “Oh, so you’d rather your kids be raised by a bigamist, junkie uneducated, white trash, racist heterosexual couple versus a very loving, well-to-do gay couple?” I’m like, “No, it’s everything being equal. Exact same house, school district, minivan. If the gay couple is a little bit richer and a little bit better and live in a little bit better school district, I’d give the kids over to the gays.”

See you Adam.  Maybe Jimmy Kimmel needs a coffee boy.

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