LGBT VOTERS – Bite The Bullet and VOTE DEMOCRAT TODAY And Watch Sarah Palin’s Head Explode!

Look.  I’m not thrilled with the Democrats right now and neither are you.  But voting has always been a choice of votiing for the lesser of two evils, or in this case “who sucks less and is less evil”.  We have two choices.  Sit home and NOT VOTE and let the Tea Party/Republicans win by a landslide and teach the Dems a lesson.  But in doing so we enable the ReTHUGlican Tea Party.  Or we VOTE this midterm. keep up the pressure and fighting and then if nothing substantial is done by 2012 use a BIGGER threat and withhold from the 2012 Presidential election.

As much as I hate voting today I will do it.  And I will vote Democrat.  if for no other reason then to help destroy some Republican Teabaggers, and you should do the same.

I know that we are ALL disappointed and disillusioned with the Democratic party.  But enabling the insane RIGHT at this time does us no good and makes them look justified.

So everyone.  Swing by the Polls and just do it.  Bite the bullet, hold your nose and swallow.  If for no other reason just to screw the insane Tea Party.

Just get out and vote.

What do you think?

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