Watch the 1962 Horror Classic "Carnival of Souls" – 11 Days Till Halloween!

“Carnival of Souls” was shot largely in Lawrence, Kansas, and Salt lake city Utah on a budget of reportedly $30,000 (however, some sources claim the budget was actually $17,000) and during a three-week span. Playing mostly to the drive-in circuit, Carnival of Souls didn’t generate a great deal of interest in its initial release. Nevertheless, the film has since proven to be groundbreaking and influential. Few of the cast members from Carnival of Souls were professional actors, but the real stars here are Harvey’s direction and the film’s mood and atmosphere. Screenwriter John Clifford’s premise of Carnival of Souls, about a woman caught between life and death, was pretty heady stuff for a low-budget early 1960s movie.

If you haven’t seen it is a must watch for any horror or movie junkie

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