Palm Spings Man Richard Noble Makes A Statement Of Protest Over Teen Bullying and Suicides – We Must ALL Do Something

We are in the midst of a horrible epidemic.  An epidemic of LGBT teen suicide and violence. And while Gay Inc, and those in Government both gay and straight remain eerily silent about it bloggers and individuals have begun to up the torch to try to do something, anything to raise awareness and try to stop what is happening to LGBT youth.  Most notable has been Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” program  which has LGBT adults posting messages on YouTube to give teens hope that it will indeed get better with time.

In Palm Springs, CA  Richard Noble is also doing his part to raise awareness. Richard is protesting the bullying of gay teens and plans to sit at a city corner of at Tahquitz Canyon Way and North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs to protest bullying every day for the foreseeable future besides him was a sign saying “homophobia and bullies kill” and a photo of Asher Brown, a 13-year-old Houston boy who shot himself Sept. 23 after he was bullied by classmates who thought he was gay.

I applaud Ricahrd Nobel and I applaud Dan Savage.  This is something that we allneed to step up for and fight against.  We must all start to raise awareness, and fight back for our little brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves.  And while “Fuckwits of the Family” and others pretend that this is not an issue and that it will destroy American Family  “values” to protect gay children.  (Just how evil are they, I mean really think about it)  We must stand up for the youth.  We have to stand up to their bullies and our bullies like FOTF and others. 

We must not only give the message of hope to the young and raise awareness but we must also FIGHT BACK.  For the kids and for us.  Because as far as bullies go.  Weather they be jocks in High School, or sanctimonious hateful bigot right wing “Christomaniacs” it’s also important to stand up to them and fight. It’s old advice, but it’s true. Pick the ringleaders and give back as good as you get.

We ALL must do something about this.  (And believe me when I say it would give me GREAT PLEASURE to kick Tony Perkins; redheaded ass. 

What do you think?

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