"Julius"’ NYC’s Oldest Gay Bar Becomes Latest Target Of Anti-Gay Violence Attack

There’s news of another gay bashing this time happening at one of NYC’s oldest and historic gay bars. ” Julius”
According to New York City’s Anti-Violence Project.  On Saturday night, a man who, according to the NYPD, has a known history of luring gay men with the intent to rob and injure them attacked two people at bar. The suspect is currently in custody. but no other information as of yet has been releases.

Julius is the oldest continuously operating Gay bar in New York and played an important role in the events leading up to the Stonewall riots

On April 21, 1966 members of the New York Chapter of the Mattachine Society staged a “Sip-In” at the bar which was to change the the law that prohibited  bars to serve liquor to the disorderly and homosexuals were at that time considered “disorderly.”  Also In 1970 scenes from the movie Boys in the Band were shot at the bar.

Sharon Stapel, Executive Director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project: has released this statement::

 “This most recent attack underscores our need to stop the hate speech and anti-LGBTQ vitriol that results in this kind of attack. It is unacceptable that perpetrators of anti-LGBTQ violence feel emboldened to come into any neighborhood, including gay-friendly neighborhoods, and attack LGBTQ people because of who we are. We must as a city, and as a country, recognize the real harm and damage that discrimination and anti-LGBTQ hate does to all of us. AVP will not tolerate this kind of violence and we call on all of our friends and allies to speak out against anti-LGBTQ speech of any kind and help us create a world in which LGBTQ people are safe and respected and no longer face this kind of harm.”

The attack comes less than a month after two men attacked a gay man in the bathroom of The Stonewall Inn

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