BREAKING: The Department Of Justice Files Emergency Stay Request with Ninth Circuit on ‘DADT’

In a non-surprising move.  The Obama Administration and The Department of Justice has filed an emergency request with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals requesting a stay on the injunction barring enforcement of DADT. The DOJ requests the Ninth Circuit to enter the stay today. 

Now that didn’t take them long did it.  They must have had it all ready to go.

The government argues that The Log Cabin Republicans do not have the standing to maintain the case, a point that was argued by the government unsuccessfully at trial. and that the government has also shown a likelihood of success in its argument that the district court erred in ruling § 654 [the DADT law] unconstitutional on its face.

They also go on to argue that  the worldwide injunction against all enforcement of DADT — is improper because no class had been certified in the case. In other words, because this was not a class-action lawsuit, representing all those impacted by the alleged wrong, an all-encompassing injunction like that ordered by Phillips is improper
DADT is now officially Obama’s policy. It was dead, and now he’s bringing it back. No one can blame Bill Clinton anymore for the continuing existence of the bigoted policy. Obama owns it now. He is responsible for blatant bigotry and discrimination of Gay and Lesbian individuals.  Plan and simple.

Perhaps the Ninth Circut will surprise us.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath

What do you think?

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