Duke University Student President Mike Lefevre Vetoes Ruling Against College Republicans for Anti-Gay Harassment of Former Chairman

Duke Student Government  President Mike Lefevre is a DOUCHE.  This weekend Lefevre (picture left) vetoed a decision by the student senate to de-fund and de-charter the College Republicans at Duke University over the group’s treatment of Justin Robinette (pictured right), the former Chairman , who was forced out after fellow students found out he was gay.  Robinette was then subjected to harassment via anti-gay graffiti and threatening emails.

“Lefevre, a senior, vetoed the group’s defunding Friday afternoon and extended his veto Sunday night to block the potential de-chartering of the organization, which would have been determined by the Student Organization Finance Committee. Lefevre’s veto came after he received letters of resignation from DCR Chair Carter Boyle and Vice Chair Travis Rapp, both seniors. ‘It didn’t make sense to veto one and not the other,’ Lefevre said. ‘Students involved in this mess will no longer be leading the organization…. It’s really unjust to the club if we punish them for something that happened last year, [when] the people who did that faced the repercussions.’ DCR will hold an election in the next few weeks to select a new chair. No current members of the DCR executive board will be able to run for the position—a decision made by the College Republicans, Lefevre said. After meeting with SOFC Chair Max Tabachnik, Lefevre extended his veto to prevent the organization’s de-chartering. Tabachnik, a senior, proposed that SOFC govern the next College Republicans election. Lefevre noted that the club must comply with SOFC’s ruling.” The Duke Chronicle

How much you want to make a bet that Lefevre is a republican and made a deal with the DCR and they did not call him out of the blue..  The organization’s members are ALL guilty of the unbelievable treatment of Justin Robinette NOT just the President and Vice President.  After it happened they had to appear before the student senate to fight their case and they LOST.  Now only AFTER the ruling the groups President and Vice-President resign right before Lefevre made his decision. 

They should lose their funding and chartering entirely

What do you think?

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