Anti-Gay Pacific Justice Institute Files Lawsuit To Force Schwarzenegger and Brown to Defend Prop 8

The CHRISTOMANIACS are at it again.

This time the anti-gay Pacific Justice Institute has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to force California’s Gov. Schwarzenegger and AG Jerry Brown to defend Prop 8 on behalf of Joshua Beckley, pastor of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship church in San Bernardino, and included with it a declaration of support from former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ!

From the Washington Post:

The institute is arguing that as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Brown does not have discretion to defend only laws with which he personally agrees. And because the California Constitution gives the governor final say when he and the attorney general disagree on legal matters, Schwarzenegger must be compelled to file an appeal to preserve Proposition 8 as well, the group’s lawsuit states. “To allow an elected official to trump the will of the people by mere inaction and the lack of fulfillment of their duty to do their job would be an egregious violation of public trust,” Pacific Legal Institute Brad Dacus said Tuesday.

So basically someone is gonna sue someone else who lost a law suit, to make them appeal, even if they don’t
want to.

Someone please contact Lewis Black.  He could do 20 minutes on this alone.

What do you think?

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