09/01/10 – Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Lady Gaga Wedding, It Takes A Gay Village, Matt Mitcham Wants Rugby Players, and Gay Sex At The Glenn Beck Rally? Ewwwwwwww.

*   Lady Gaga is preparing herself to become an ordained minister. A source told Heat Magazine that the Gaga has already taken an online course and is set to undertake the full paperwork to become an ordained minister so she can peform weddings for her gay fans.   Thats Pastor Lady Gaga to you!

*  Ottawa Canada’s is ordering and installung designer street signs for its gay neighborhood known as The.Village.  Canada is just too coool., I just can’t even stand it anymore. Will some crazy gay Canuck OR Company PLEASE SPONSOR MY IMMIGRATION?

*  Tony Blair gives George W. Bush high marks for integrity. Back2Stonwall gives Tony Blair high marks for INSANITY.

*  Cutie Matthew Mitcham: wants all the gay footballers to come out of the closet to battle homophobia  (And probably into his bedroom also.  I know I sure the hell do have you ever seen those guys?  WOOF!.)

*  Wonkette has a collection of Washington, DC “Men Seeking Sex” Craigslist ads for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally Totally Ewwwww.  but like a car wreck.  you feel compelled to look.

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