Transgender Woman Refused Care At Ball Memorial Hospital In Muncie, Indianna – Hospital Staff Refered To Her As "He-She" and "It"

Muncie Indiana’s Ball Memorial Hospital refused to treat Erin Vaught a transgender individual to emergency care when Erin went to the hospitals emergency room coughing up blood.  What Ball memorials Staff DID treat her to was a whole bunch of disgusting old fashined midwest bigotry amd transphobia. 

Hospital staff laughed and taunted Erin over being transgender. One nurse asked Erin’s wife Amanda whether Erin “was a he or a she? Or a he-she?” Others referred to her as “it” and a “transvestite.” And then Erin was told she could not be treated because of her “condition.”  Her transgender condition.

Ball Memorial Hospital, whose Facebook page was flooded with messages after Erin posted about it, says it prides itself on “compassion,” “respect” and “customer care/service.”

Well here’s some news for you Ball Memorial and all those who refused Erin treatment.  Start clearing out their workspaces and desks right  Because if  Erin Vaught hires the correct law firm she is going to basically going to own the hospital and you all will be where you rightfully should be.  In the gutter and unemployed.

What do you think?

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