NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams Is WELL HUNG!

So, it looks like NBC Nightly News Anchorman Brian Williams i\s a Hot HUNG Daddy. And we knopw that because  even he admits it. Brian is so hung as a matter of fact that, he can even joke about it uncomfortably in Elle Magazine.

Through the interview, the Elle interviewer and Williams begin to talk about fashion and the dreaded pleated pants. The Elle reporter says “I actually have a close friend in DC who still wears pleats. His wife confessed to my wife that he couldn’t move to flat fronts because his penis was just too large.” Brian’s reply: “Well, I’m with him. It’s a huge issue. Kidding!” (Adding the “kidding” is something someone with a huge penis would do too!)

Admit it.  Brian Williams is a stud. And also extraordinarily funny and dry one at that

Whoa Trigger!

Sex tape. Now please……

What do you think?

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