SHOCKING VIDEO Of The National Organization For Marriage Having Peaceful Gay Videographer Thrown Out Of NOM’s Albany Rally And Threatened With Arrest!

To hide it’s low numbers and to show its intolerance of the LGBT Community Bryan Brown and The National Organization For Marriage  had the Courage Campaign’s cameraman thrown out of the rally in Maryland on Wednesday with threats of arrest! 

Watch the SHOCKING Video and see the TRUE faces of intolerance!

Now the NOM and it’s radical hetrosexual anarchist leader Brian Brown may have had a permit to use the public space, but the space was still open to the rest of the public, and NOM clearly wanted the public to attend. Recording the event while attending the event is in no way a violation of any law and is actually a violation of the 1st Admendment of the Consitution.

Please feel free to contact Lt. Derwyn Parker of the Maryland Capitol Police (410) 260-2919 and make him aware of the fact that our Consitutional Rights have been trampled!

(HELL they want to do sensational spin. Well NOMBIES it works both ways)

Also someone should let this policeman know that  A.) He needs to lose some weight.  And B.)  He seriously needs to take care of those ashy elbows.

What do you think?

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