NOM’s HATE-APOLOOZA "One Man, One Woman" Anti-Gay Marriage Tour Suffers MASSIVE FAIL In Both Columbus and Lima.Ohio! – Maggie Gallagher Distraught, Eats Cornfield.

A deserted grocery store parking lot in Lima, Ohio
I actually would have thought that The National Organization For Marriages Anti-Gay HATE-APOLOOZA “One Man, One Woman” Marriage Tour would have picked up some steam in the Midwest but according to OnTop Magazine and The Courage Campaigns NOM Tracker both stiops on Friday and Saturday respectively were a BIG OLE BUST!  With only about 20 people showing up (incuding NOM staff) at each stop and protestors out numbering supporters.  Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.
Maggie “Moooooo-gie” Gallagher has taken over this leg of tour for Bryan “Buttboy” Brown who according to Maggie might be in California.  (Or might be in the bushes behind a reststop somewhere in rural Ohio maybe?) 

In Lima. OH Maggie tried to flip the script which seems to be NOM’s new tactic and had the nerve to called gay marriage supporters haters.  And in Columbus, Maggie moooooooed “I have a message for our good friends who don’t agree with us – a few of them are gathered out there on the other side – hate is not a family value.”

Oh how original. Get your own material bitch!

The Courage Campaign has has some great footage oif Maggie Gallagher, who claims she doesn’t know what the NOM Tour Tracker is — after all, she’s “not a big blogger” — and repeats that she’s “not Brian’s keeper.” , footage of the counter-protest in Columbus, Oh and  an interview with Erin and Michelle, a lesbian couple that approached the rally and were stopped by a police officer.

NOM rolls into Indiannapolis, IN on Monday.  I suspect the crowds will be bigger because the joined up with the haters at the Indianna Family Institute.  But if Indianna is BUST.  NOM might as well wrap it up and head home.


Will Kohler

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  1. Maggie Gallagher has turned into a Weeble.

    Wasn't Lima supposed to be on private property? I guess that was yet another lie, meant perhaps to deter Courage Campaign from attending.

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