The NAACP Recieves Death Threats From Tea Baggers After Asking The Tea Party To Reject Racism. Meanwhile in Cincinnati…….

The NAACP has received a number of bigoted death threats and chilling voicemails at local units and chapters around the countrry after the passing of last week’s resolution to encourage Tea Party leaders to rreject and fight racism within their ranks,

CLICK HERE to listen to one..  (Caution it is VERY disturbing and NWSF)

Meanwhile in Cincinnati, OH.  In 2009, the local NAACP gave money to COAST, a right-winged group founded by Tea Party activist Chris Finney, featured in the clip below. Finney who is also a founding member of the Ohio Anti-Gay Hate Group the Citzens For Community Values later last year also became the Chair of Legal Redress for the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP because of his good friend Christopher Smiterman the NAACP local President.who threatened the Cincinnati Gay Community if they made waves over his appointment. 

Kind of fucked up, huh?

What do you think?

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