Kathy Griffin’s "My Life On The D-List" Bogus Adventure Guest Starring Joe Solmonese and the HRC

I love Kathy Griffin.  I’ve seen every episode of her show , I watched her specials, I’ve even seen her live in concert.  And even though I know that she’s extremely gay friendly and gay rights positive last nights episode of My Life On The D-List REALLY pissed me off.

The episode revolves around the events of last March’s HRC Awards dinner and HRC’s “Repeal DADT Rally” held last month.

President of the HRC, Joe (Salmonsleaze) Solmonese calls Kathy and informs her she will be recieving an award at the dinner.  And Joe Starsucker even has the nerve to ask if Kathy can get CHER to present her the award! But at least to Kathy’s credit she rolled her eyes and made a face. 

The next 20 minutes is where it gets intersting because we the little people finally get to see what a major HRC Awards Dinner looks like and the inside of the palatial HRC Headquarters.

The awards dinner is huge, pomp, pagentry, reporters, hundreds of snobby gay elitist. It’s a really good use of the LGBT Community’s donations (snork).  The only good part of this segment other than Kathy’s jokes about bathhouse sex and lesbian golf was her introduction.  No not by Cher, but by Lance Bass who looked incredibly smoking hot!  Kathy accepts the award and makes a surprise announcement that SHE will be holding an inpromptu DADT repeal rally with HRC’s help.  (Oh Kathy, why, why, why…)

The next she she’s off to Casa HRC’s 8 MILLION DOLLAR beutifully decorated office building  on Rhode Island Avenue in DC.  (Another wonderful use of your donation dollars btw.)  Kathy meets with media whore Solmonese (who’s wearing waaaay too much eye-liner) and then Kathy is whisked to HRC Media Relations Department to have the humour sucked out of her by four sour HRC Media relation people who had sticks shved so far up thier asses that the tops of their heads were pointy.

The rest of the episode until the end was typical Kathy

While on her way to meet Majority whip James Clyburn Kathy tells a Roll Call reporter that she’s on her way to “meet with a big queen named James Clyburn.” The next day, after Roll Call publishes the quote, the dourpusses at HRC are none too pleased with that quote and ask her to call Clyburns office and call to apologize…….and she did!

Kathy then meets with Barney Franl and  tells Barney that “I need [DADT] to be repealed by Thursday, because I’m leaving Friday” and if it’s not, “that’s a bitter pill to swallow.”

“My guess, Kathy, is it’s not the only pill you’ve swallowed this week,” Frank replies.  The room goes silent.

“It’s obvious I’m bombing [with Frank],” Griffin says later. “He doesn’t know when ‘American Idol’ is on? He doesn’t care about Liza Minnelli? How is this guy even gay?” (Good question)

But the last segment of last nights episode is where it all goes to hell.

At the HRC “Repeal DADT” Rally on March 18th  Kathy, in the company of Joe Solmonese was approached by Dan Choi, a gay Army officer and  opponent to DADT, who asks her if he can come up onstage with her. Once there, he takes the microphone and implores the crowd to walk with him a few blocks to the White House.

“I am in uniform, I am still fighting, I am still speaking out, I am still serving, and I am still gay,” Choi declares. “Will you all here join me? Kathy will you go with me?” he asks Griffin, whose face freezes in PR horror.

Griffin answers yes, but she doesn’t. She stays behind with Solmonese and delivers the crowd a text message she says has just been sent from Cher.  Choi marches over to the White House, where he and Jim Pietrangelo  handcuff themselves to the Pennsylvania Avenue fence and are promptly arrested.

And how did Kathy follow-up and deal with this on last nights episode?

“Imagine if I had gone,” Griffin says. “Two soldiers who have served bravely in silence and one potty-mouthed comedian? It would have looked ridiculous.”

Kathy in all honesty it looked more ridiculous and cowardly that you didn’t go.  I love you dearly and you have done alot for the gay community so here’s a word to the wise.  HRC = FAIL. It’s taken the major part of the gay community over 10 years to learn that.  I can only hope that you learned that with your Bogus HRC Washington Adventure. 

What do you think?

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