Did CBS Accidentially Or Purposely Omit The Fact That Sara Gilbert Is An Openly Lesbian Parent From It’s Press Release?

SheWired reports that in a recent  press release announcing a new talk show on CBS featuring female power players (ala The View)  which will feature Marissa Jane Winokur, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Peete Robinson, Leah Remini, and Sara Gilbert  lists each woman’s credentials and background information about the women’s families, husband, children, etc.  Well all the woman that is except for openly lesbian, partnered, and gay parent Sara Gilbert whose profile simply says she lives with “her family in Los Angeles.”

Sort of sounds like those old omission code phrases from the 50’s or 60’s  “lives with his/her “roomate””.

Wat to promote diversity there CBS!


Will Kohler

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2 thoughts on “Did CBS Accidentially Or Purposely Omit The Fact That Sara Gilbert Is An Openly Lesbian Parent From It’s Press Release?”

  1. Sara had to have approved that, which leads me to think that's how she wanted it to read. Hard to blame CBS if that's the case.

  2. Well we don't know actually. No one approves every press release that has thier name mentioned. Especially if they are signed to contract. The whole thing was just a queation though. Out of all the other women they talked about thier husbands and children. Just seems "off" you know. Sara's never hidden the fact that she is a lesbian and in a relationship and has a child. One would hope that thats is the reason CBS chose her to on the show for a different persepctive.

    Well we'll see.

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