LGBT Pride Month Cinema – WATCH: Armistead Maupin’s "Tales Of The City" – Episode 6 – Book One

Its Christmas time on Barbary Lane and Mystery and Magic is in the air. Anna Madrigal has invited everyone to a little party she’s cooking up and no one wants to show up alone. Brian hits some old haunts and finds there are still skeletons there. Mona’s detective work has panned well, but gets a little suprise when she finally tracks down one of Dorthia’s parents. Beachaum Day has no idea that the patient that he is interupting with a call to the doctor is non-other than his wife Dee Dee. The doctor agrees to have lunch with Beachaum to break it off, and guess who their waiter is? Beachaum finally sees the truth about Dee Dee and the doctor sees the truth about Beachaum. A few blocks over, Mouse fianlly runs into Mona and scolds her for not keeping in touch. Mouse invites her to the Christmas party but Mona has a plan to follow through with. She shares her concerns about Dorthia’s possible drug problem with Mouse and promises to call Mrs. Madrigal. Creepy Norman pushes Mary Annes curiosity to the edge and it turns her into a Nancy Drew of Barbary Lane.

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