Homo Say What? – Canadian Landlord Will Goertzen Tears Up Lease And Kicks Out Gay Couple Because "Homosexuality isn’t natural and it’s a crime against nature. I can definitely not have a part in it,"

Who needs a little thing like Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms to keep landlord Will Goertzen in line.  It gets trumped by the fact that Goertzen fears that that God will “strike him down” wrath upon him if he rents to a gay couple!  And that’s why he tore up the lease he signed with Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony, denying them the flat after learning they were a couple, because homosexuality “isn’t natural and it’s a crime against nature. I can definitely not have a part in it,” he told the Human Rights Commission. And what did Goertzen’s Christian act allegedly do? Made Robertson and Anthony homeless for 10 days as they searched for a new home, as they had just sold their house. The men want $23,500, each, in punitive damages.

Goertzen told the commission he recognizes the supremacy of God over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “There’s a reason I’m fearful: God is bigger than me and any person on Earth,” he said.

“It was a terrible feeling of helplessness to see everything unfold and not do anything about it. It was like being in a dream and not being able to scream,” Scott Robertson said and added the experience has made him more cautious when meeting new people and he holds back from telling them about his personal life.

“There’s a whole part of my life I’ve been hiding from people.”

Goertzen said the case has been tough on him too. “Do you think this has been easy for me? I love you, Mr. Robertson, but I hate the sin you’re in.”

The Human Rights Commission adjudicator said he will release his decision later this summer and hopefully Robertson and Anthony are going to OWN that building by the time this all shakes out

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