While Gay Marriage Crashed And Burned In Maine Our Gay Inc. Leaders Where On A Movie Date With Barack Obama

Last November when Barack Obama chose instead of lobbying his millions of supporters to help keep Maine’s gay marriage law alive, he was asking everyone to support New Jersey’s (since un-elected) Gov. Jon Corzine’s campaign. But now we find out that two days later, who was he inviting over for a movie date? Rea Carey, the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and her partner Margaret Conway. Maybe this is a Gay Inc. leader’s reward for not once lobbying your own supporters to try to get the White House involved in Maine’s marriage battle, and not even mentioning the president’s name in your day-after-the-loss press release about how gay Mainers could’ve benefited from an Obama assist.

Every day it becomes clearer and clearer that there is a huge disconnect between the politically affiliated gays and the rest of us on the street and that Rea Carey of the NGLTF, Joe Solmonese of HRC and the rest of Gay Inc. have NO incentive to make actual progress. And that their true incentive is to continue the “struggle” so they can continue to receive their salaries and expense accounts


Thanks to Michael Petrelis of The Petrelis Files

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