Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Zachary Quinto (Too Gay!), Marc Jacobs (Way Too Gay!), The Modern Family Cam-Mitchell Gay Kiss Campaign, Edie Falco’s Un-Buttered Lesbian Toast, and "Make Me a Supermodel" Ronnie Kroll Not Completely Naked But We Are Getting Close!

Zachary Quinto talks about the cancellation of Heroes: “I will forever look back on Heroes as the game changer.” Dude, you know what would be a REAL game changer and something you could be PROUD of?  If you came out of your freakin walkin-in closet already!

Marc Jacobs employee calls police after white powder was sent to the store:.  Guess what?  It was cocaine. (Now that was an easy guess.)

*  Steven Levitan, creator of Modern Family, discusses the Cam-Mitchell kiss campaign: “We don’t quite get that controversy. We think the vast majority of the gay community finds the Cameron and Mitchell depiction to be very positive. Here we are the first show on television to show a committed gay couple adopting a baby, raising a baby. It seems to me that there are better targets out there than us. That said, everything we’re doing is based on character and that very issue will be addressed next season. But it was our plan all along to do so.”   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Just have them freakin kiss already!

*  The ever tactful Kevin Sessums asks Edie Falco when discussing her lesbian fans,  if she’s ever “buttered that side of [her] toast.” Says Falco: “I beg your pardon! I am so not going there. Wow. I’ve never heard it put that way either. But no. I’m afraid I like boys.”

*  Just like they did with Levi Johnston, Playgirl is slowly rolling out the pictorial “Make Me a Supermodel” Ronnie Kroell, the gay Reality Television Famous model, who is allegedly erect in his allegedly artful spread

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