Homo Say What? (Part Duex) – Americans for Truth’s Favorite Closet Case Peter LaBarbera Prays Against Gay Youth, Gay Activists And Himself! (Video)

Everyone’s favorite closet case Porno Pete LaBarbera, President and Undercover Homo of Americans for Truth.  (No, really he gets off on going undercover to gay sex clubs and leather events)  Took the stage today at a May Day event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial today where they gathered to brayed over loudspeakers for the fiery eternal damnation of the evil homosexuals. (Oh, and for Muslims, but we are still Number One on thier list).

According to hot and humpy Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out the supposed $70,000 event a major flop, considering that only 300 people showed up.  But even so Porno Pete LaBarbera, who took a few minutes to pray against gay youth, gay activists, and anybody else doing the gay things that he “allegedly”does himself in secret.

What do you think?

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