Kentucky Judge Reduces Charges Against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab Who "Allegedly" Kidnapped and Threatened to Push Lesbian Classmate Off Cliff

District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges of charges of kidnapping and attempted murder (saying there wasn’t enough evidence to justify felony charges)  against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors.  Both 18, had been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping in the case, which has gotten widespread attention because of an allegation that they attacked Cheyenne Williams as a result of her sexual orientation.

“After a hearing Thursday, District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors…Attorneys for the two had strongly denied the attack and said the girls were pleased the judge reduced the charges. ‘I think justice was served,’ said Richmond attorney James Baechtold, who represents Schwab. Sams and Schwab committed no crime and will fight the misdemeanor charges, their attorneys said. The two high school seniors and their families declined to comment as they left court with a large number of supporters.”
Jordan Palmer, president of the Kentucky Equality Federation, said he has asked the FBI to investigate the case under a federal hate-crimes law.  “We remain convinced this was a hate crime,” Palmer said.

Really big surprise there that a Kentucky Judge reduced the charges. I guess it’s OK to kidnap and attempt to kill and gay teen in Kentucky. Not enough evidence! I thought the victim had captured the event on her cell phone!

And, just look at the picture above of the two little darlings, it just screams “We got away with it all y’all!”

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