Back2Stonewall Gay Wear – Retro Wear NYC MINESHAFT Tee Shirts For Sale – Available Now!

It was called the Mineshaft. It was the most famous gay bar and sex club in the world. Hidden among the warehouses of Greenwich Village’s meatpacking district, it became a symbol of the sexual revolution that exploded during the freewheeling seventies.

For nearly a decade, men in denim and leather came from all over the world to visit this theatre of sexual excess, where their most secret sexual fantasies could be brought to life in the sex-on-premises scenes that were played out night after night within its gritty, grimy walls.

Located on Washington St. at Little W. 12th St., (Now a Chinese Restaurant) it was open around the clock from Wednesday night through Monday morning, featuring a roof deck, clothes check, theme rooms, dungeons and other amenities. Opened in 1977 before the AIDS era, and  closed  in 1985.
Most if not all of the original memorabilia is gone. So I created these tee-shirts
For good or bad The Mineshaft will always be a part of the Gay Sexual Revolution History of the late 70’s and a memory that must be carried on.

*All proceeds from the sales of these tee shirts and other items are going to help me raise moneyfor activist activities and  to go to Washington and lobby Congress with a REAL gay mans perspective and not the HRC’s namby pamby one.  (I also plan on visiting Solmonese and give him a piece of my mind!)
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  1. I have an original Mineshaft t-shirt from 1985 that I got from Wally like the black one above (close) but with the Rex drawing of the miner below it. It’s in excellent condition. Very rare. Would sell it. Interested contact me at for a direct reply.

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