Defense Department to Repeal DADT In Next Year’s Budget Bill?

Sam Stein posted over at Huffington Post that members of Congress are being “whipped” to make sure enough of them will vote for a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal as part of the 2010 Defense Reauthorization spending bill.  But next year’s defense bill is a long way off, and that’s a whole lot of room for unpredictable barriers to arise between now and then especially since the DADT repeal is A.) A no-brainer and B.) There being so much support for it to start with NOW, but next year might be a problem.  The defense bill won’t pass until after the midterm elections.   If the Democrats lose the majority of Congress which IS a possibility that will make it a much rougher ride.  Also something needs to be done about ENDA, which at this time is delayed….again.   Without ENDA, the momentum won’t be there – the and if more ReTHUGlicans gain office the DADT repeal will be stripped from the defense bill.

I really do hate to be bitter and cynical homo.  But, after Obama’s D+ Grade dealing with LGBT issues so far I have to think that maybe this is a purposeful leak to liberal media outlets to dangle a carrot in front of LGBT communtiy for support for next years midterms for the Democrats. 

Hey Dems!  If you REALLY want to count on my vote.  Repeal DADT and get EDNA passed BEFORE the midterm elections next year. 

Because if you don’t.  It’s a crapshoot.

What do you think?

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