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WATCH – 20 Year Old Gay Stereotypes Bitch About Stereotypes In The Gay Community – Video

Blake Pruitt decided to make the documentary short, 20MALEGAYNYC, after hearing his gay male friends  express in one way or another their “hatred” for other gay men. He sat his  friends down and interviewed them about being young, gay and living in New York  in 2012

Ten bucks says that all the boys in this video have all been OUT for less than 5 years and they were born into New York City gay ife and never had to work to be accepted as gay and themselves.

Grow up, kids. and get over your chosen baggage.  There’s a whole world out  there that you’re already refusing to acknowledge and realize that everyone in our community is special in thier own way.

Now learn some respect for your LGBT brothers and sisters you spoiled puppies before we roll up a newspaper.


Board of Juvenile Justice Stands Up To Anti-Gay VA Attorney General, Refuses To Ax LGBT Youth Protections

This week Virginia’s Board of Juvenile Justice stood fast and  re-endorsed a set of revised rules that protect LGBT youth in  residential facilities. despite mounting pressure from GOP anti-gay Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to rescind the protections.

In 2005 under then-Gov. Mark Warner (D), protections were added to the rules which explicitly banned discrimination based on a variety of characteristics, including sexual orientation, in the department’s programs and facilities. The language was kept in place under Warner’s successor, Gov. Tim Kaine (D).

In June 2010, the Board of Juvenile Justice issued new rules for residential facilities retaining the LGBT protections. But in July 2011, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and Cuccinelli refused to sign off on the new rules, as they applied to residential facilities, as long as they contained LGBT protections.

In 2012 Cuccinelli went even further and threatened to deny board members legal representation in the event a lawsuit was lodged challenging the nondiscrimination provisions – the members of the Board of Juvenile Justice were not swayed.

James Parrish, the executive director of Equality Virginia, and Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, released a joint statement Nov. 14 supporting of the board’s decision.

”The Board of Juvenile Justice adopted final rules in June 2010 that continued explicit prohibitions on discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in its residential facilities,” Parrish and Gastañaga said in the statement. ”Since that time, the members of the Board have refused to retreat from their commitment to LGBT youth even in the face of the current Attorney General’s ill-founded, ideological intransigence.”

Parrish and Gastañaga also vowed that their organizations would closely monitor the situation to ensure such protections are implemented.

Thank you Virginia’s Board of Juvenile Justice  for standing up for LGBT youth and standing fast against the anti-gay GOP who are so loathsome that they would allow children, any children to potentially be hurt because of their sick and twisted ideology.



Video – Wisconsin Youth Colton Boettcher’s “It Get’s Better” Musical Spectacular Spectacular!

Madison, Wisconsin’s Colton Boettcher has directed, produced, and  editied one of the best “It Get’s Better” videos to come down the pipe in a long

With the help of his friends at Bondeul High School, Colton has turned Lady Gaga’s song “Hair” into an amazing and inspirational video to LGBT youth, from LGBT and LGBT/Straight supportive youth.


NY Activist Frank Selvaggi and Bill Shea Donate $100,000 To The Ali Forney Center’s “Homeless for the Holidays” Campaign

New York Activist Frank Selvaggi and Bill Shea have donated $100,000  to the The Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest organization working on behalf of homeless LGBT youth for its “Homeless for the Holidays” campaign.

The “Homeless for the Holidays” campaign was launched to support the Campaign for Youth Shelter, an effort led by the Ali Forney Center  with other service providers and activists in the local LGBT community to create more shelters and beds for the severe problem of throwaway and homeless LGBT youth in New York City.  NYC  only offers around 250 shelter beds for homeless youth, although a census released in 2008 by the Empire State Coalition found that almost 4000 youths must go without shelter each night in New York and now 4 years later the number is dramatically higher.

Frank Selvaggi and Bill Shea are longtime activists and philanthropists. Selvaggi serves as Treasurer of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and is on the Board of Directors of Freedom to Marry. Shea is the National Director of Creative Services of Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.

“We have been concerned about the most vulnerable members of our community, especially in light of the drastic cuts in funding that have historically helped keep our homeless youth safe. Through our contribution, we want to lead by example and challenge our peers and colleagues to do the same. During this holiday season, we all need to look deep into our hearts and wallets so that all members of our community, particularly our endangered and homeless LGBT youth, can be safe.”

LGBT homeless youth is not a new problem in New York City.  It has one that has existed for decades.  Many LGBT youths are more often kicked out of their homes than straight youths. And even if they are not kicked out, they may feel so uncomfortable that they leave. and they graviatate to the bigger city’s like New York where they hope to find acceptance.

The lack of services that NYC provides for its homeless in general is sparse and it’s also a brutal enviroment for adults let alone LGBT teenagers who live in fear of the city’s shelter system.

**For information on the Campaign for Youth Shelter, click here. Or to make a donation to the Ali Forney Center, click here.


Lady Gaga Launches The “Born This Way Foundation” To Fight Bullying and Inspire The Young

Today Lady Gaga announced the launching of the Born This Way Foundation, which will aim to further inspire young people.

With the help of her mother Cynthia Germanotta, Gaga has launched the intiiative to “establish a standard of Bravery and Kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonmen”

 The foundation will work with a number of partners, including the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the California Endowment and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

The foundation will focus on “youth empowerment and equality by addressing issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development and will utilize digital mobilization as one of the means to create positive change.”

via: MTV News

‘Meth’ Abuse Ups Risk of HIV Infection in Young Gay Men

A new study to be published in the August edition of the journal of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine finds that meth use among young gay men, increases their risk of contracting HIV. This is one of the first studies to look at the use of drugs and sex in young gay men. Most previous studies tended to look at older populations.

Northwestern University in Chicago researcher Peter Freeman, examined data collected from January 2005 to August 2006. The study focused on 595 gay/bisexual men between the ages of 12 to 24; 64 of these men had reported ‘crystal’ use sometime in the previous 90 days. The study concluded:

Compared to those who had not used hard drugs, the participants who said they used methamphetamine were more likely to have a history of sexually transmitted diseases (about 52 percent vs. 21 percent), two or more sex partners in the past 90 days (about 86 percent vs. 63 percent), sex with an injection drug user (51.5 percent vs. about 11 percent), and sex with someone infected with HIV (about 33 percent vs. 11 percent).

Methamphetamine users were also less likely to use condoms during every sexual encounter: 33 percent vs. 54 percent.

Source HealthDay