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Kentucky Teen Pushes For More LGBT Literature To Be Available In Public Libraries

The bookworm turns!

Even in this day and age we still see news stories about bible thumpers who pressure schools and libraries to remove LGBT books from circulation.  But 15-year-old gay Kentucky blogger Brent, has a quest to get more gay young adult titles stocked in local libraries!

Brent who runs his own literature blog writes:

“When I set out to find more LGBT titles, I turned to my school’s library. Honestly? It was pathetic. There was not one single LGBT novel. But oh, of course the librarian went out of her way to buy books about gangs, drugs, and teen pregnancy. Like, for real, the people who actually do care about gangs, drugs, and teen sex sure as hell don’t read–they’re too busy (note: gangs, drugs, and teen sex. Yeah, they’re going to interrupt all that fabulous action to sit and read a good novel!). When I asked her about it, she replied, ‘This is a school library. If you are looking to read inappropriate titles, go to a book store.’ Uhm, how in the hell is LGBT YA lit ‘inappropriate’?  The world needs more librarians who serve the purpose of finding the right book to put in the right person’s lap. Not librarians who think that they can decide what’s ‘inappropriate’ and what’s not, based on their personal prejudices.”

What a remarkable young man! 

Librarians aren’t supposed to have personal biases when acquiring library books, and not having young adult LGBT titles in a serious gap.  I commend you for taking your librarians to task for not providing a broad, useful collection with a variety of viewpoints. They are guilty of “self-censoring” and going against the ALA (American Library Association’s) Code of Ethics and should be reported.

I’d be glad and more than willing to buy a LGBT Young Adult title or two and donate them to your library

Keep up the great work!