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UTAH Mormon Woman Calls LGBT Center To Complain About "Evil Gay" Neighbors.

UTAH Mormon Woman Calls LGBT Center To Complain About “Evil Gay” Neighbors.

A Utah woman recently called her local LGBT community center asking them to do something to stop her “evil gay” neighbors from bothering her.

In her message, the woman, after stating her name (which I wish we had”, says, “I’m having problems with a gay person that I’ve known for a while, and he is bothering me and I would like to report him to you… And I know that you can help me so that he will not bother me any longer.”

Jackson Whitt, who works at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City, posted a video

In a follow-up video, Whitt said the woman called the Pride Center a second time before he could call her back, and when he spoke to her, she told him the gay man in question has lived across the street from her for years and had “energy machines in his house that shoot electrical pulses” through his window into her window to harm her. “He’s evil. He’s wicked. He’s Satanic,” Whitt says, quoting the woman. “And he has been harassing her, but she can’t prove it.” The woman also claimed to have talked to Mormon leaders at her place of worship, who also failed to act.

After the voicemail ends, Whitt, laughing, exclaims: “She called us like we were gay animal control to come remove the bothersome homosexual from her neighborhood!”

At the last update the “bothersome” homosexuals are still on the loose and the old Mormon woman is still losing her caffeine/liquor-free mother fucking mind.

@jacksonwhitt In her defence, I’m usually havung problems with gay person too 🏳️‍🌈 #lgbt #lgbtq #queer #queercomedy #gaytiktok #gayboy #gaybear ♬ original sound – Jackson Carter

United Arab Emirates Bans Pixar's “Lightyear” Over Animated Gay Kiss

United Arab Emirates Bans Pixar’s “Lightyear” Over Animated Gay Kiss

ABC News reports:

The United Arab Emirates has banned the upcoming Pixar animated film Lightyear from showing in cinemas amid reports that the film includes a kiss between two female characters. The Emirates, home to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, announced through its Media Regulatory Office of the country’s Ministry of Youth and Culture that the film would not be opening in the country this Thursday. The film “is not licensed for public screening in all cinemas in the UAE, due to its violation of the country’s media content standards,” the office said in a tweet.

That’s fine. We will ban their movies.

Both of them.

Remember: Mohammed is a bossy bottom.

Back2Stonewall Calls on ALL NYC LGBTQ’s To BOYCOTT ALL Chelsea Pier Businesses Unless they CANCEL DeSantis on Sunday

Chelsea Piers NYC has shown absolutely no respect and has basically spit in the face of the LGBQT community while they do everything in their power to REFUSE to CANCEL the Ron DeSantis visit on there on Sunday.

Chelsea Piers latest wheedle insult without actually doing anything: Chelsea Piers is going to eat the cost of event and funnel the small amount paid for the event to LGBT groups just prove they “love the queer community” without actually doing anything.

To this we say NO! CANCEL THE EVENT NOW!

And if don’t we are calling on ALL LGBTQ and Ally New Yorkers to a FULL BOYCOTT AGAINST ALL CHELSEA PIER BUSINESSES! And we hope other LGBTQ websites and groups will join us.

NOT 1 LGBTQ cent unless Chelsea Piers cancel DeSantis on Sunday.

And we are NOT kidding. You hurt us. We hurt you.

Pick a side.


Bermuda High Court REVERSES Gay Marriage. Now Illegal.

Bermuda High Court REVERSES Gay Marriage. Now Illegal.

Backstory: In 2017, the Supreme Court of Bermuda declared that same-sex couples had a legal right to marry in the territory after a couple filed suit against the Bermudian Government. However, a bill to ban same-sex marriage and establish domestic partnerships was passed by the Parliament in December 2017 and went into effect on 1 June 2018 though same-sex marriages performed before that day remained legally recognized.

Two legal challenges were filed opposing the domestic partnership law. On 6 June 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the parts of the domestic partnership law that banned same-sex marriages but stayed the ruling while the government appealed to the Court of Appeal. It upheld the right of same-sex couples to marry when it handed down its ruling on 23 November 2018. On 14 March 2022 the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council ruled against the Court of Appeal, banning same-sex marriage once again which ruled 4-1.

The only dissenting opinion came from Lord Sales, who wrote that the right to marry was implicit in the constitution and cannot be interpreted as limited to heterosexual couples. He argued that the Bermuda government’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriage “interferes with the ability of same-sex couples to act in accordance with their conscience and breaches the state’s duty of neutrality between different conscientious or religious beliefs.”

In 2019, before the beginning of the COVID pandemic Bermuda’s internal travel and tourism consumption amounted to 990 million U.S. dollars, and  cruises from the U.S. go to Bermuda, almost 200 port calls per year.

We should really do something to change that.

ATLANTIS EVENTS Holds Anniversary Cruise. Crams Over 5000 People On Board During COVID

ATLANTIS EVENTS Holds Anniversary Cruise. Crams Over 5000 People On Board During COVID

Get onboard the biggest event of 2022 for Atlantis’ 30th Anniversary! 5500 guys. Superstar performers. Cutting edge productions. Legendary concerts. Mind-blowing parties. And you! All on the world’s largest and most spectacular ship. Sail from Miami on the new Oasis of the Seas with friends from around the world for a superstar-studded festival of endless fun and excitement unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.


At a time when many cruises have been cancelled because of the recent surge in the Omnicron variant of the Coronavirus! But that didn’t stop Atlantis Events from holding their 30th LGBT Anniversary cruise. (aka gay party sex boat) And while many cruise lines capping capacity at 50% to 70%. Atlantis and Royal Caribbean who owns the ship decided that wasn’t needed. I mean it’s not like the Gay and LBT community hasn’t been through a pandemic/plague before.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am at the greed of both Atlantis and RC for packing the ship. There were 712,051 cases of Covid19 reported in the United States yesterday alone. And while the Omincron variant is less severe it is still dangerous to people who have underlying conditions and who are immune deficient. This is not rocket science. But obviously GREED means more than the health and welfare of a community that has already lived through the ravages of one pandemic.

And to make matters worse this cruise literally set sail the day after the expiration of the CDC mandates and as you can see from the pictures above none remained in effect.

Omnicron is 3x’s more communicable than any variant before and this time we cannot protect ourselves with rubbers.

ATLANTIS Events should be ashamed and shunned. And just so they know will be following any cases that develop over the next 2 weeks from the cruise and reporting on them

Lets just hope the next variant isn’t called Homocron.

Greedy fucking bastards.

*Full disclosure: I myself am an avid cruiser and actually cruised in late November. There were only 800 passengers. It was 25% full and there was not one case of coronavirus reported onboard..

World’s First LGBT Cryptocurrency,"Maricoin" To Enter Crowded Market

World’s First LGBT Cryptocurrency,”Maricoin” To Enter Crowded Market

Maricoin, the world’s first LGBT+ cryptocurrency, officially launched last Friday in a week-long pilot test in an LGBT+ neighborhood in Madrid, Spain.  A total of 25 commercial establishments, spread across Spain’s major towns, are already planning to adopt it in concept with more planning to join upon the currencies official release.

Hair stylist and entrepreneur, Juan Belmont who came up with the idea said  he “had to do something” to use the LGBT+ community’s economic clout in the fight against homophobia. “It would give us power in this globalized and capitalist world,” said Belmonte. “We will be able to assist those who currently lack the same legal protections as we do.”

According to Maricoin’s Chief Executive Francisco Alvarez, there are already 8,000 people waiting to buy the cryptocurrency before it starts trading. Backed by Miami-based venture capital firm Borderless Capital, the initiative aims to have Maricoin be used as payment in establishments that will sign an “equality manifesto.” The said manifesto basically defends the rights of LGBT+ people and “everyone suffering from exclusion, and advocates a “social, ethical, transversal and transparent economy.”

The short-term goal of this digital token initiative is to raise $1 million; this money is supposedly going to be utilized to fund Gay Pride Day in 2022. This digital currency’s creators guarantee that all monies make from this token will be put to good use in the community.

Maricoin’s name, is derived from a homophobic slur in Spanish, is a play on words that some may find offensive.



Sunday’s Society of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pictorial [NSWF]

NOTE: Back2Stonewall has decided that since we are a website predominately (but not exclusively) for gay men and since human sexuality has always being a huge part of the gay struggle we believe it is time to share more images of male beauty, gay sex, and vintage models and movies in marked NSWF posts. – We hope you enjoy.




Hard Men – Western Men no other info available
Gymn, c.1970.