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Federal Judge Rules That Gay Discrimination Violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Federal Judge Rules That LGB Discrimination Violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act


A federal judge has ruled that discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation is a form of illegal gender stereotyping, rejecting a Pennsylvania medical clinic’s bid to dismiss one of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s first lawsuits on behalf of a gay worker.

U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon in Pittsburgh on Friday said shifting social norms, including the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, had made it increasingly difficult to justify depriving gay employees of the protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The employer, Scott Medical Health Center, argued that Dale Baxley’s case, taken up by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, should be thrown out because sexual orientation isn’t protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

However, Bissoon wrote in her ­opinion that discrimination based on one’s ­sexual orientation and sexual stereotyping quintessentially implicates sex, and is ­therefore protected by civil rights law.

“There is no more obvious form of sex stereotyping than making a determination that a person should conform to heterosexuality,” Bissoon said. “As the EEOC states, ‘[d]iscriminating against a person because of the sex of that person’s romantic partner necessarily involves stereotypes about ‘proper’ roles in sexual relationships—that men are and should only be sexually ­attracted to women, not men.'”

Bissoon called such discrimination “evil” and added, “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is, at its very core, sex stereotyping plain and simple; there is no line separating the two.”

Baxley claimed he was subject to homophobic slurs from his boss several times a week. Baxley’s boss allegedly called him a “‘fucking faggot,'” “‘queer,'” and upon learning that Baxley had a partner, told him that he didn’t understand how homosexual intercourse worked.

In March, the EEOC took up the case on Baxley’s behalf after investigating discrimination claims from five of Baxley’s female co-workers.

Bissoon pointed to the Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling to illustrate the broadening definition of discrimination.

“That someone can be subjected to a barrage of insults, humiliation, hostility and/or changes to the terms and conditions of their employment, based upon nothing more than the aggressor’s view of what it means to be a man or a woman, is exactly the evil Title VII was designed to eradicate,” she added.

Scott Medical’s attorney, Charles Saul of Margolis Edelstein, said he was ­”exploring the possibility of special appeal.”

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Jury Fines KY Gay Couple One Cent For Trespassing In County Clerks Office During Marriage Protest

Judge Fines KY Gay Couple One Cent For Trespassing In County Clerks Office During Marriage Protest

KY couple


A Louisville, Kentucky gay couple who were found guilt of trespassing of refusing to leave the county clerk’s office after being they asked for and was denied a marriage license in protest has been fined the astronomical sum of $0.01 by the sympathetic jury who heard the case.

After three hours of testimony in which their lawyers hailed them for their civil disobedience, while the prosecution urged jurors to stick to the facts, Blanchard and James were convicted Tuesday of trespassing — but fined only a penny. Blanchard called the penalty a vindication of their protest in support of same-sex marriage. “It shows they understood what we were doing,” he said after jurors returned their verdict following 90 minutes of deliberations.

James’ lawyer, Annie O’Connell, said the fine may have been the smallest ever imposed in a criminal trial in Kentucky. Blanchard’s counsel, Ted Shouse, said in court that he had never tried a case in which the maximum penalty — $250 — “was so low and the stakes were so high.” Jessie Halladay, a spokeswoman for the county attorney’s office, said after the verdict that prosecutors had no choice but to take the case to trial. “We respect the right of the defendants to protest, but we also respect the law, and the law doesn’t distinguish what causes are worth breaking the law for,” she said.

To top it off the judge waived the payment of the penny fine.


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Cloud Atlas

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Last October 13th,  Fort Worth, Texas councilman Joel Burns. Joel Burns spoke at the council meeting  about an abusive experience in high school, a fraught relationship with his southern father, and then how rich his life became once he got through the difficult times. His genuine emotion and moving speech to the council quickly went viral and has become an insiprational message to LGBT teens and adults everywhere via the “It Get’s Better Project”

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Homophobic Tennesse Judge George Ellis Rebuked By Appeals Court, Lesbian Couple Reunited With Their Children

In May 2008 homophobic Gibson County Judge George Ellis, prohibited overnight stays of Angel Chandler xhildren from her previous marriage at her house while her current  partner Mary Counce was in residence giving her the choice of her children or livng with her current partner of more than 10 years of living together.

The so-called “paramour clause” was first imposed Gibson County Chancellor George Ellis, prohibiting overnight stays by Counce. The restriction was not requested by Chandler’s ex-husband and came despite a psychological evaluation finding no harm to their children, who are now ages 17 and 15.

“I just thought it was insane when the judge said I couldn’t stay in the house from 11 to 7,” said Counce, who has two college-aged children of her own. “If we could have been married, I wouldn’t have been a paramour, but how can we be married when it’s not allowed? It’s a Catch-22 and Bigots like Ellis love that kind of stuff.”

Despite Angel Chandler moving North Carolina, Ellis maintained jurisdiction over the case since Chandler’s ex-husband continued to live in Gibson County. The Tennessee appeals court struck down Ellis’ ruling last year, but he issued a new ruling in March, again imposing the paramour clause, stating, “a paramour overnight, abuse of alcohol and abuse of drugs are clearly common sense understanding that children can be adversely affected by such exposure …”

In its Tuesday ruling, the Tennesee appeals court once again over-turned Ellis’s ruling and stated that this time Ellis had abused his position and  power.

“The record is devoid of any evidence whatsoever to support the finding that a paramour provision is in the best interests of the children,” the court wrote. “In fact, the record contains evidence demonstrating that a paramour provision is contrary to the best interests of the children.”

Chandler said Ellis effectively criminalized her relationship with Counce.

“He acted like a marriage certificate hanging on the wall equaled good parenting because that’s all he really cared about,” Chandler said. “(He thought) If you’re gay, you’re not good parents and the evidence didn’t matter. There was nothing rational or logical about it. It was all just basically bias and bigotry.”

James Esseks, director of the ACLU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project.states that “Hopefully such a stern rebuke from the appeals court will send a loud and clear message to judges across the state that these kinds of restrictions are unduly burdensome on lesbian and gay parents who are just as capable of being good parents but don’t have the option of marrying.”

Hopefully yes.

Realistically as long as the bigots are out there we will always be fighting.