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MARVEL Comics Gets Gayer! – Gay Romantic Couple To Be Prominent Characters In “Young Avengers”

Marvel comics is putting renewed focus on its Avengers comics series and past spin-offs like the Young Avengers, about a teen of young superheroes who haven’t  quite reached the level of Captain America or Iron Man.

In the new Young Avengers #1  which hits  stores on  January 23,  Wiccan and Hulkling, one of mainstream comics’ most prominent (and cutest)  gay couples that were actually a part of an earlier Young Avengers series that ended some years  back will be re-introduced and will be  the new series.

Young Avenger’s writer Kieron Gillen states that Wiccan will make a big mistake that threatens his relationship with the  shapeshifting Hulkling in upcoming issues and they will be the “core romantic couple of Young Avengers.”

So awesome!

H/T – Dan Avery – Queerty



Family Research Council Starts Burning Witches And Equates Afghanistan With Colorado

In the latest bit of bullshit propaganda to come out of the Family Research Council they’ve taken a momentary break from crucifying the LGBT community and have moved on to attempting to burn “wiccans, druids, and earth-worshippers” at the state over the fact that  U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado has created a space of worship for these alternate religions.

From the FRC Site:

What do you get when you combine pagans, two witches, and the Air Force Academy? Eighty thousand taxpayer dollars. That’s how much the government is spending in its pursuit of political correctness in the military. After a year’s worth of work, the U.S. Air Force finished construction on an outdoor worship center for “wiccans, druids, and earth-worshippers”–despite not having a single one on its cadet roster. The USAF agreed to the project to accommodate “a civilian” and an “Air Force reservist” who demanded equal treatment for their faith. “We think we are setting a standard,” Chaplain Major Darren Duncan says. What he doesn’t realize is that the standard has already been set–by an administration intent on sidelining Christianity. While the law may protect the freedom to practice religion, it doesn’t guarantee the public accommodation for it. Despite what the secular movement believes, our government is under no obligation to spend taxpayer dollars elevating fringe groups.

FRC has been a fierce advocate of religious freedom for all Americans. But this isn’t about freedom. It’s about financing. And even in an era of religious pluralism, the government wasn’t meant to be the great equalizer on matters of faith. Unfortunately, this is just another example of the White House’s double standard on religion. Last week, the Pentagon ordered an Army base to remove a cross at its chapel in Afghanistan because it represented a permanent display of religion (which the Army forbids). But if erecting a cross shows religious bias, how does underwriting a Wiccan worship center not? The state may not exist to promote Christianity, but its role isn’t to marginalize it either.

Its amazing that the FRC can take the construction of a small outside place of worship for wiccan and druids in Colorado and equate it with a HUGE cross in the middle of Muslim war torn Afghanstan.

Oh and what the FRC leaves out is that The Chapel at Colorado Air Force Base cost $3.5 million dollars to build and they are whining about $80,000.00?

Complaining about $80,000.00.

$80,000.00 wouldn’t  keep Tony Perkin’s in dildos for a year.