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BREAKING NEWS – Harry Reid Outlines Senate Agenda For June And EDNA Nowhere To Be Seen!

Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced on the Senate floor this afternoon the agenda for the June period:.  And once again.  NOTHING ON EDNA!
Ironically Reid stated:

“We want to empower public safety employees like firefighters, police officers and paramedics with a voice in decisions that affect their lives and their livelihoods. We want to ensure they have the same rights in the workplace as everyone else.

FUCK YOU HARRY!  How about LGBT Americans in the United States have the same rights in the workplace as everyone else!

You know what?  Unless the Democrats push through some serious pro-gay agenda issues like EDNA, the FULL DADT repeal, or such before November I guess I don’t have to worry about working to elect any Dems this fall or even clearing my calendar to make time to vote on election day because the crumbs they have been throwing aren’t cutting it.  And since we’re going to be firing all the Democrats and sending them home for good. Hope they have a wonderful Thanksgiving knowing their out of a job !

(Oh and for all of you out there who say “Like the Republicans will be any better.”.  No they won’t.  but at least with them you KNOW you are going to get nowhere and you aren’t promised the world and then given shit.)