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Video: "GLEE" Kurt Confronts His Bully – "Never Been Kissed" Episode – Watch and Discuss

Last Night “GLEE”‘s episode  “Never Been Kissed?” focused on an important and relevant issue.  Bullying.

Kurt, (Chris Coffer) was the focus of the hour – with  Darren Criss perfectly cast as Blaine and it was nice tosee this relationship established as more of a mentor/student type than an immediate romance.

The most dramatic moment in the episode was when Kurt, finally fed up with the abuse laid on him by a McKinley High jock (Dave Karofsky) confronted him in the boys lockeroom.

The scene was well acted , powerful, and a bit of a blindside. 

But was it realistic?
You be the judge.

What did you think about last nights GLEE episode?

Whats "Too Gay" Today SPECIAL EDITION! – "GLEE" Out Gays Even Itself With Last Nights "Laryngitis" Episode- WATCH THE FULL EPISODE STREAMING ONLINE HERE!

Some thought it couldn’t be done but GLEE even outgayed itself last night with Kurt’s performance of Rose’s Turn from Gypsy!

Also in this week’s episode titled ‘Laryngitis,’ strong-willed Rachel fights a sore throat, Puck tries to improve his social stature and Kurt attempts to impress his father. But the highlight could be a duet between Mercedes and Santana of 1998’s hit ‘The Boy Is Mine.’ We’re pulling for a catfight between the “diva-in-training” and the snarky cheerleader, so expect a reenactment of Brandy and Monica’s infamous love triangle

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