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Extremist Proud Boy/People’s Convoy Leader Arrested In Washington, DC

Extremist Proud Boy/People’s Convoy Leader Arrested In Washington, DC

Remember the Proud Boys/People’s Convoy which annoyed drivers earlier this year, accomplished nothing, drove out west, returned, accomplished nothing yet again, then declared victory over nothing and said it was time to leave. 

Well some didn’t.

Via The Daily Beast: The leader of the right-wing and COVID anti-vax 1776 Restoration Movement—formerly called The People’s Convoy—was arrested near the National Mall on Wednesday after his group came to town protesting non-existent mandates. Far-right Proud Boy member and leader David “Santa” Riddell was taken into custody for a warrant out of Maryland, D.C., Metropolitan Police officers told The Daily Beast on scene.

Proud Boy Baby – tantrum time .

“Ex-Gay” Grifter Jeffrey McCall Leads Yet Another DC “Ex-Gay” March Which Draws Crowds in the 10's!

“Ex-Gay” Grifter Jeffrey McCall Leads Yet Another DC “Ex-Gay” March Which Draws Crowds in the Single Digits!

Jeffrey McCall, the founder of “ex-gay” group Freedom March, which was held this weekend and drew in whopping crowd of maybe 10 people including any right wing media was there and had yet another hysterical fail.

McCall who claims to have lived as a gay male sex worker, and then as a transgender woman named Scarlett, before renouncing his sexuality and gender identity and founding Freedom March but also has confessed to having multiple hookups with men since last year.

Ex-gay. Please bitch.

Via the very un-Christian Post:

Declaring their testimonies of how Jesus has transformed their lives, formerly LGBT-identified young men and women gathered in Washington, D.C., Saturday for the Freedom March. Gathered next to the Washington Monument for what has become an annual event in the nation’s capital, the hosts of the march continue to see the Holy Spirit doing remarkable work in the lives of people who reach out to them. Jeffrey McCall, founder of the Freedom March, said he’s amazed by how the Lord is stirring among younger people. Since 2018, when the first march took place, their growing tribe of formerly LGBT-identified people has become especially close. “We call each other, do Bible studies together, encourage each other. It’s built a family. It’s a young family,” McCall told the Christian Post.

“Jeffrey McCall, founder of the Freedom March, said “he’s amazed by how the Lord is stirring among younger people.

That is called GROOMING. Right?

Jan 6. Terrorist Doug Jensen Who Chased Capital PD Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

January 6 Riot Committee To Hold Two Prime Time Televised Hearings

Via The Guardian:

“The House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol is expected to stage six public hearings in June on how Donald Trump and some allies broke the law as they sought to overturn the 2020 election results, according to sources familiar with the inquiry. According to a draft schedule reviewed by the Guardian, the select committee intends to hold six hearings, with the first and last in prime time, where its lawyers will run through how Trump’s schemes took shape before the election and culminated with the Capitol attack. The select committee appears to be planning for the hearings to be extensive affairs. The prime time hearings are currently scheduled to last between 1.5 and 2 hours and the morning hearings between 2 and 2.5 hours.

The counter-programming on Newsmax and OAN will probably be “The Democratic Debacle of Social Security” and “The benefits of indentured servitude.” while FOX will probably run a repeat of Tucker Carlson’s Ball Tanning Special.

Washington DC Warns Businesses About Covidiot Anti-Vax March Set for January 23.

Washington DC Warns Businesses About Covidiot Anti-Vax March Set for January 23.

The March to Preserve the Right to Remain Stupid, Selfish and Self-Centered!

“D.C. officials alerted businesses Thursday about possible “threats” from pro-life and anti-vaccine protesters who might flout the city’s new vaccination passport mandate this week. The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development emailed the alert to city business owners Thursday morning, citing the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency’s (HSEMA) Business Emergency Management Operations Center. “Please be aware that there are many groups coming in from outside D.C. who may not be aware of or supportive of the District’s new vaccination requirements for certain establishments.” Organizers of Sunday’s “Defeat the Mandates” protest said unvaccinated protesters have no plans to break the law by demanding entry to local businesses. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be the featured speaker at Sunday’s protest. He said any “violent provocations” will come from counterprotesters. – The Washington Times

Gotham City’s CDC’s latest arch villain and nemesis Egghead aka Joe Rogan has promoted the anti-vax march on his podcast.

White Supremacist/Nazi/Republican Group Marches In Washington DC [VIDEO]

White Supremacist/Nazi/Republican Group Marches at Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC [VIDEO]

About 100 members of the “White Nationalist” (see. White Supremacist, Nazi’s , and Republicans) group Patriot Front marched outside the Lincoln Memorial while chanting “reclaim America “while carrying flags, shields, and photographs show one banner reading “victory or death.”

Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau gave a speech near the Capitol reflecting pool while bystanders booed.

“Our demonstrations are an exhibition of our unified capability to organize, to show our strength. Not as brawlers or public nuisances, but as men capable of illustrating a message and seeking an America that more closely resembles the interests of its true people.

Via: The Daily Beast

At the end of the protest, about two dozen members of the Patriot Front were stranded as all could not fit in a U-Haul van they rented to transport them to and from the rally,

Proud Boys Rampage Through The Streets of Washington DC After Trump Rally - VIDEOS

Proud Boys Rampage Through The Streets of Washington DC After Trump Rally – VIDEOS


After a pre-planned rally on Saturday in Freedom Plaza in support of President Donald Trump and his unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the presidential election.  Hundreds of the domestic terrorist militia group the Proud Boys and other Trump supporter’s rampaged through the streets of Washington, DC destroying property and hunting for “ANTIFA” resulting in al least 23 arrests by DC Metro Police.

Violence escalated after an dark with faceoffs with counter-protesters that took place near Black Lives Matter Plaza, Franklin Square, and other spots around downtown. Proud Boys marched through the streets shouting “Whose streets. Our streets!”, “Fuck Anifia”, and “We brought an army time?” while tearing “Black lives Matters” banners off DC Churches and harrowing all those they

Metro Police in riot gear successfully kept the two sides apart for the most part even as the groups splintered and roamed. Riot lines were held acros Capital Hill frustrating the roaming group who begged police to let them through and “finish” what they came there for.

“Both sides of the aisle hate you now. Congratulations,” a Proud Boy shouted at the officers.

D.C. police said that as of 9 p.m., 23 people were arrested Saturday, including 10 who were charged with misdemeanor assaults, six with assaulting police officers and four with rioting. Two officers were hospitalized with moderate injuries.

The FBI has designated the far-right “Proud Boys” as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism” 

Washington D.C.'s Last Remaining Bathhouse The Crew Club To Close

Washington D.C.’s Last Remaining Bathhouse The Crew Club To Close

The Crew Club Washington D.C.’s last remaining gay bathhouse in Logan Circle will host a closing down party this Saturday night (February 29, 2020), before shutting its doors forever.

In a message posted to Facebook, Owners DC Allen and Ken Flick said: “Thank you for 25 years of love, support, patronage and community. On February 29, 2020, The Crew Club will close its doors. This was a heart-wrenching decision for us.

“It’s been an honor serving the DC community. Our true measure of success and joy was not from any financial reward, but came from a love for this community, the opportunity to offer a safe and liberating space to our membership, and the ability to provide employment to our loyal and hardworking staff.”

The owners had sold the property to a real estate development firm. Although the sale was arranged back in 2016, the sale was due to complete only this year.

According to Allen ” We sold the building four years ago at the height of the market and we were trying to work out a lease-back program but it just didn’t seem to be working the way I thought would be a profitable thing to do,” Allen said.

Last May, the Glorious Health (and Amusement) Club was closed by the The D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Glorious Health was originally opened in 1979 on O Street, S.E.,  home to many of the gay sex clubs including a Club Baths and a porn theatre all of which displaced by eminent domain in 2006 for the Washington Nationals baseball stadium. It later reopened on West Virginia Avenue, N.E. bills itself as a spa, art gallery and community center catering to gay men. It plans to reopen after it fixes what the city agency said were multiple violations of the city’s building code.

Glorious Health Club, gay news, Washington Blade
3 Men Gay Bashed Outside Number 9 Bar in Washington, D.C.

3 Men Gay Bashed Outside Number 9 Bar in Washington, D.C.

Three gay men were severely beaten after they were attacked outside the Number 9 bar in D.C. at around 10 p.m. on Halloween night.

The Number 9 is a gay bar.

According to police reports the assailant punched “Victim 1” in the head and slammed the victim against a glass window. Victim 1 was knocked unconscious and needed staples in his head to close the laceration.

Timothy Luke identified himself on Facebook as one of the victims. Luke said that his husband Andy Jackson and their friend Jeremy Austin were also the victims of the attack.

To our dear family and friends,

As many of you know, Andy and I are not individuals that like to post a lot on social media, especially when it comes to our personal lives. However, I am compelled to share this story of hate in hopes of opening the eyes of many into this sick world that for which we live.

On Thursday evening, my husband Andy, our dear friend Jeremy, and myself were victims of an assault. Many homosexual and derogatory slurs were stated during this attack, however, I am unable to firmly state whether this was a hate crime or just a heinous attack. After spending many hours in the ER until early Friday morning, Jeremy and I are lucky to have walked away with minor injuries. However, Andy was not as fortunate. A severe concussion and 7 staples on his scalp later, I was able to bring him home. Today is a much better day — and we have been able to speak to our families to let them know we are okay. Thus, I felt it was time to write this message.

Whether we see it or witness it personally, hate occurs every day in so many forms. For some reason, there are many individuals in this world that want to hate and cause division because of the differences between us. Rather, we should celebrate our diversity and open our eyes to how our differences can better our world.

The last 36 hours have been a series of emotions — fear of leaving the apartment, blessed that the injuries sustained were not as bad as what they could have been, anger for the hate that is promoted within our community, but most importantly — HOPE. We have decided to not allow this to define us. Yet, we are going to continue to use the fear and anger from this event and put that energy into continuing to make a positive difference.

What I ask of each of you is to help us do the same. Support one another. Allow others to express and be themselves. Accept each other’s differences. LOVE one another.

This event will not stop us — so, I urge each of you to stand with us as we turn this pain into courage and strength. We will not hide who we are; yet, we will continue to be resilient and to fight for the safety and rights for ALL human beings.

We love you all. Thank you for your love and support.


Luke and Andy

D.C. Police have asked that anyone who has any information about the attack call (202) 727-9099.

Donald Trump to Speak at Family Research Council Hate Group's Values Voter Summit - LIVESTREAM

Donald Trump to Speak at Family Research Council Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit – LIVESTREAM

Donald Trump is set to give the keynote address at extreme right-wing anti-LGBT Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel tonight in Washington, D.C. It will mark the fourth time Trump has addressed the group.

In its 13th. year Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council partners the faux political extremist event with a veritable Who’s Who of anti-LGBT hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From the Values Voters Summit webpage:

Since its inception, the Summit’s primary sponsor has been FRC Action, the legislative affiliate arm of Family Research Council. Through the years, FRC Action has had the privilege of partnering with other like-minded sponsors including American Family Association Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), American Values, Christian Healthcare Ministries, First Liberty Institute, Inspire Investing, Liberty Counsel, Liberty Counsel Action, Liberty University, Ohio Christian University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and The Heritage Foundation,

This year’s “political” seminars include: Religious Freedom Successes under the Trump Administration, Advancing Religious Liberty in a LGBT World, Transgender Movement: Separating Facts from Fiction, and The Progressive Assault on (Christian) Freedom of Conscience.

Besides very stable genius Donald Trump. Other speakers this year include: Batshit crazy Rep. Louie Gohmert, anti-semite radio host Dennis Prager, former NRA spokes-bitch Dana Loesch, and recently fired FOX personality Todd Stames.

If you can stomach the vile, hate spewed propaganda of the VVS 13 Haterpalooza you can watch the live stream embedded below.

Undercover Sex Sting in Washington DC Park Results In Arrests of 26 Gay Men

Undercover Sex Sting in Washington DC Park Results In Arrests of 26 Gay Men

The U.S. Park Police have made at least 26 arrests during the past year in Meridian Hill Park known as Malcolm X Park in Washington, D.C. of men seeking other men for a sexual encounters according to a Park Police spokesperson.

Malcolm X Park, has been known for at least 50 years as a cruising spot in a secluded areas of the park at night for mostly African-American gay men.

Washington, D.C. defense attorney John Albanes and other attorneys who are representing  some of gay men who were arrested report that undercover officers are pose as consenting partners interested in a sexual tryst.

“I am on a D.C. Superior Court trial lawyers association listserv and recently several criminal defense attorneys on the email list have mentioned that they have had criminal cases involving essentially the same set of facts,” Albanes told the Blade in an email. “[U]ndercover plain-clothes Park Police officers entice men in Meridian Hill Park for purportedly consensual sexual activity and then proceed to arrest their targets for a crime (often misdemeanor sexual abuse),” according to Albanes.

“I find this pattern extremely disturbing and reminiscent of the Stonewall days when gay men were often the target of police discrimination. The tactics used in these cases just fly in the face of proper police work and should be exposed,” he said. The officers are posing as willing participants in a consensual encounter between adults. The target is deceived into thinking that what he is about to do is wanted. This raises serious doubts about whether the government can prove criminal intent.”

Sgt. Eduardo Delgado, a Park Police public information officer, told the LGBT website the Washington Blade the 26 arrests made in the park since Aug. 7, 2018 involve charges of one or a combination of Disorderly Conduct, Lewd Acts, Unlawful Entry, and Simple Assault (Sexual).

In a statement Delgado said : “The U.S. Park Police receives complaints about lewd acts that occur within Meridian Hill. As with any other complaint of illegal activity, we then take actions to stop it,” he said. “Plain clothes officers are just one method of enforcement sometimes used to deter, stop, and/or arrest violators within the parks.”

Before being “reclaimed” by the neighborhood and gentrified in the 80’s. Meridian Hill Park was a virtual den of thieves. One newspaper article quoted a police officer who called it “a supermarket of drug dealing.” A 1989 study called the park the “Most Murderous” in that section of the city.