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WATCH The New Weekly VLOG Op-Ed: Uncle B’s Gay Reelz News!

Back2Stonewall would like to welcome outspoken LGBT advocate and all around great guy Bernie Keefe to the staff and who will be doing a weekly VLOG on recent gay events, news and anything else that sticks in his craw.

You can follow Bernie on Twitter at @BernieKeefe

This week on  Uncle B’s Gay Reelz News: The FRC?  Let them eat cake!

Video – NerdFighters.com Takes On Religion and Gay Marriage – NERDTASTIC!

John over at Nerd Fighters who’s motto in part states “We fight to increase the awesome and decrease the suck” vlogs about Religion and Gay Marriage discussing marriage equality, what a traditional marriage actually is, and what role (if any) theological understandings of marriage play in the legal definition of marriage as only a very kewl nerd can.

NOTE: NerdFighter is such a awesome NERDTASTIC website it will be now be added to Back2Stonewall.com’s Blogroll. Check it out!