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The Mighty Oakes: UK Rugger Tim Oakes Strips Off His Kit and Stands Tall and Long!

Time to take a break from all the seriousness and catch a breath and an eyefull!

United Kingdom Rugger of the Sandbach Rugby Team Captain and exhibitionist Tim Oakes who was featured in a documentary on Britain’s ITV2 last year stripped his kit and showed it off proudly for the UK website Famousmales and afterwards kicked it up a notch with an EXTREMELY NWSF live show on one of the live webcam channels.

Now see this is one of the reasons why I love the UK.  You think Peyton Manning or Drew Brees would ever go that here?  Nooooooooooooooooooo. 

Damn prudish repressed USA!

CLICK HERE to see the NWSF One Sheet from Tim’s naked photoshoot.

CLICK HERE to see the EXTREMELY NWSF Webcam Video of The Mighty Oakes giving it his all (with both hands)

X-Men Actor Shawn Ashmore Naked! Just Another Reason To Move To Canada

I don’t know how we missed this one. But Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore best known for his role as Bobby Drake / Iceman  in X-men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand dropped his trou and posed naked wrapped in a Canadian flag for England’s Cosmopolitan June 2008 edition for Everyman, the U.K.’s leading male cancer charity.

Now thats one proud and sexy Canuck!

WATCH: Another Reason To Vote For Jack Conway of Kentucky For United States Senate (Besides The Fact That Ron Paul Is A Loon and Jack is Smokin’ Hot!)

Handsome and hot Jack Conway, the Democratic attorney general facing off against inbred looking and insane Rand Paul in Kentucky for a U.S. Senate seat

On the GOP shill website CapitalistBanner.com the video ad below attacking Conway can be found. 

Too bad it had the opposite impact on most sane people.

If it’s one thing Kentucky needs after years of embaressment by being  represented by McConnell and Bunning is a Democrat in the Senate to prove Kentuckians are not all inbred, stupid and insane.


Who Exactly Is crgmorgan on YouTube? It’s Craigery Morgan! (And We Have Pictures!)

He’s buff, he’s handsome, and he’s a helluva lip syncher.  But who exactly is YouTube’s crgmorgan? 
Well he’s Orlando-based gay, drop dead gorgeous Craigery Morgan whose latest TouTube upload where he  lip synching to Saturday Night Live’s “Surprise Party” skit which we posted here yesterday in just two days has clocked nearly 700,000 views!  (Oh and for all you other sites out there I posted him first at 325 Views so he’s mine!  BACK OFF BITCHES!)
You can visit Craigery’s Blog here.  And his MySpace page here.

Morning Eye Opener: French Rugby Union Footballer Dimitri Szarzewski (Pictorial and Video)

After yesterday’s announcement that Dieux du Stade 2011, is on the way and that 27 year-old Dimitri Szarzewski , a French rugby union footballer, currently playing for Stade Fran├žais will once again be gracing the cover and stripping down.  (Turns out Dimitri likes to get naked and has been in a few other issues of Dieux du Stade) I just couldn’t wait.

There are pictures on thios page and after the jump.  Also after the jump there is a “Making of Dieux du Stade” video featuring Dimitri in all his glory.

MUCH More Dimitri after the jump……