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FRIDAY FICTION - Love Among Chaos: A Stonewall Fantasy.

FRIDAY FICTION – “Love Among Chaos: A Stonewall Fantasy” by Will Kohler

Once upon a time, in the bustling streets of New York City, there lived a vampire named Adrian. Unlike the traditional portrayal of vampires in lore, Adrian wasn’t a creature of darkness and malevolence. He possessed a compassionate heart and a profound longing for human connection. For more than three centuries Adrian has hidden in plain sight. Watching. Staying in the shadows. Adrian was also gay, an aspect of himself he had kept hidden for centuries, fearing the repercussions of revealing this as well as his true identity.

It was June 28, 1969, a historic night that would forever be etched in history as the beginning of the Stonewall riots. The air was thick with tension as the gay community had gathered at the Stonewall Inn, a refuge for those who sought solace and acceptance. Adrian, drawn by an unexplainable force, found himself in the vicinity of the bar that fateful night.

As the night unfolded, chaos erupted when police officers raided the Stonewall Inn, their actions driven by prejudice and discrimination. And for the first time, the crowd fought back. First, a shove, then a lesbian punched a patrolman, and then an all-out battle for freedom and equal rights ignited amidst the chaos. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, drag queens, and their straight friends fought side by side against hate and oppression. Adrian watched from the shadows, his heart filled with a mixture of admiration and anguish as he brushed his long blond hair from his face.

Amidst the turmoil, a tall young man with dark curly hair named Michael caught Adrian’s attention. Michael was a kind-hearted and passionate activist who believed in the power of equality and justice. He was only 22 years old but he had been on his own since he was 16 when his small-town parents kicked him out after they found out he was gay. As Michael fought and fearlessly stood up against the injustice unfolding before his eyes, Adrian felt an undeniable connection to him. A deep pull from within him. Something stirred within his immortal soul, a longing he hadn’t felt in centuries.

Drawn by an invisible force, Adrian emerged from the shadows, his eyes locking with Michael’s. Time seemed to stand still as they exchanged a knowing glance. It was a moment that transcended the chaos and violence surrounding them, a silent acknowledgment of shared pain and hidden desires.

Adrian rushed to Michael’s side just as one of New York’s finest was about to bring a billy club down upon Michael’s head. “Noooooooooo!” Adrian roared and grabbed the cop’s wrist in mid-air before the club could connect and jerked the cop’s arm up so sharply and forcefully that the cop hit himself in his face with the club and knocked himself unconscious.

“Thanks,” said Michael as he looked into Adrian’s large hazel eyes suddenly knowing that his life was about to change forever. “C’mon,” he said. As they both raced to help others in trouble.

The two fought valiantly side by side for the rest of the night. Despite the danger lurking around them, Adrian and Michael found solace in each other’s presence. And as the Stonewall riots raged on, Adrian and Michael’s love blossomed like a delicate flower amid a storm. In a way, their connection served as a beacon of hope in a world clouded by prejudice and hatred. Their love symbolized the resilience and strength of the LGBT+ community, proving that love could thrive even in the darkest of times.

However, their love story as with all was not without its challenges. The night would end and the sun would rise. Michael would learn the truth about Adrian but he already knew what was more important. He loved him. They built a life together and lived with the danger of exposure looming over them like a dark cloud, threatening to destroy the delicate sanctuary they had built. Adrian’s immortality and identity as a vampire were secrets he couldn’t reveal, and Michael’s vulnerability as a gay man in a time of oppression only added to their shared burden.

But love, as they say, conquers all. Adrian and Michael vowed to stand strong against the odds, to fight for a world where their love could be celebrated without fear or prejudice. And they did.

As the years passed, the world slowly evolved, and the LGBTQ+ community made significant strides toward acceptance and equality. Adrian and Michael’s love story became an enduring legend, part of a hidden history whispered among those who sought solace and inspiration. Their names are a testament to the power of love and the unwavering spirit of the human heart.

And so, the love between a gay vampire and a gay human, kindled during the Stonewall riots, left an indelible mark on the world, reminding us all that love knows no boundaries, not even the confines of time, prejudice, or immortality.

What happened to Michael and Adrian?

Well that’s a story for another Friday.

New TRUE BLOOD Season 5 Trailer – All Hail The Vampire Authority – Video

 HBO unveiled new footage from True Blood: Season 5 before Sunday’s premiere of “Game of Thrones.”

The 30-second clip gives a montage of scenes with a voice over from a Vampire Authority member which will be led by Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni in the next season.

“So as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall human nourish vampire.”

This doesn’t sound good for Bon Temps.