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Tony Perkins and the FRC Hate Group to BOYCOTT Sexy Short Wearing UPS Delivery Men!

“In this busy shipping season, UPS will have at least one less customer to worry about: FRC. After 11 years as our official carrier, FRC is suspending its contract with UPS for openly discriminating against the Boy Scouts of America. FRC tried to resolve the matter behind the scenes, even contacting Chairman and CEO Scott Davis with a letter of protest — to which UPS promptly replied. Unfortunately, the company only reiterated its position that until the BSA puts a greater priority on the political agenda of LGBT activists than the protection of Scouts, they are not entitled to the same equality UPS claims to endorse. Apparently, the company isn’t interested in true diversity but in strong-arming anyone who disagrees with their extreme agenda — including a century-old youth development program, whose only crime is instilling character into millions of American boys. As for their longstanding policy on homosexuality, the Boy Scouts are doing what every parent would want them to: putting children’s safety first.” – Ramily Reserach Council hate group President and White Supremicist Tony Perkins

Hey Tony!  Heres a newsflash.  No one is interested in your package.

I propse that everyone of us should send Tony Perkins at  FRC a nice christmas package via UPS…… full of gay porn!

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
801 G Street Northwest,
Washington, DC 20001

America’s Leading Hate Monger Tony Perkins Attacks UPS For Stopping Donations To The Boy Scouts

Last week the philanthropic arm of shipping giant UPS said it will no longer give money or in-kind donations to the Boy Scouts of America as long as they discriminates against gay scouts and leaders, joining Intel as the second major corporation to recently strip funding from the BSA.

A UPS spokeswoman said grant recipients have to adhere to the same standards UPS does by not discriminating against anyone based on race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. “UPS is a company that does the right things for the right reasons,”

Well that’s not sitting well with Tony Perkins , President of the anti-gay hate group The Family Research Council who always seems to confuse “right” with “Reich” and is now threatening to lead a boycott against UPS.

Despite relentless pressure to make its message more politically correct, the Boy Scouts have kept their commitment to keep the organization ‘morally straight.’ Unfortunately for millions of young boys, not everyone in America respects that decision. Instead, their stance on homosexuality has often made the Scouts the target of harassment, ridicule, and now financial bullying. For more than 100 years, the Scouts have focused on instilling character and leadership into America’s boys. They aren’t about to compromise that mission just to placate liberal companies and activists. As a private company, UPS has every right to determine who it supports. By the same token, so do we. With whom will you stand?” – Tony Perkins via press release”

Well good luck with that Princess.  I’m sure those humpy UPS guys in their sexy brown shorts are just quaking in response to your press release.

“For more than 100 years, the Scouts have focused on instilling character and leadership into America’s boys.”

And for (at least) 50 of those years, its been documented BSA has broken Federal Law by refusing to reveal the rampant child-abuse within its organization while not allowing in gay scouts and gay leaders.

Once again Perkins shows as long as there’s an evil breath in his body he will continue to spew anti-gay hate till the end.

UPS Being Asked To Stop Donations To Boy Scouts Of America

After the media firestorm as a result from The Boy Scouts Of America (BSA) dismissing several gay employees and volunteers, Zach Wahls is asking companies to stop donating to the organization. In a new petition, Wahls is asking United Parcel Service (UPS) to halt further donations.

UPS has recently revised their commitment to a discrimination-free environment, despite their $167,000 donation to the BSA in 2010:

“In today’s world, we understand that diversity encompasses more than race and gender. It extends to the full myriad of issues ranging from ethnicity to sexual orientation to physical ability. Inclusiveness, respect and cooperation are core values that help drive the way we do business with our customers and suppliers – and strengthen our bonds with a multi-cultural community of friends and neighbors

The petition recognizes the volunteers and employees that have been dismissed because of their sexual orientation:

“And because of this policy, inspirational Scouts and Scout leaders — Like Ohio Den Mother Jennifer Tyrrell and Kentucky Scoutmaster Greg Bourke — continue to be fired from the Boy Scouts, just because they are gay.

“UPS Foundation President Eduardo Martinez should know all too well how senseless and out-of-touch the Boy Scouts’ anti-gay policy is. Mr. Martinez serves as Chair of the Corporate Development Council for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and is a board member for The Metro Atlanta YMCA. Both of these organizations welcome and benefit from embracing gay youth and leaders in their programming.”

Hopefully UPS won’t make further donations to the organization in the future.