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PRIESTS GONE WILD! – Italy’s Panorama Magazine Shows Footage Of 3 Catholic Priests Out Gay Clubbing And Having Sex!

Using hidden cameras, a journalist from Italy’s Panorama Magazine – owned by Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berluscon no less, claims it has video footage of three Catholic priests (going to gay clubs and having sex with men. “By day they are regular priests, complete with dog collar, but, at night it’s off with the cassock as they take their place as perfectly integrated members of the Italian capital’s gay scene,”

Panorama insisted that it had carried out through checks and established that all three priests were bona fide but would not reveal their real names or any other details.

Interstingly it’s Cardinal Vallini’s remarks about the story that is the real surprise. Rather than further shield gay priests, he’s now demanding they come out of the shadows and leave their flocks.

 Which would leave like what?  5 straight Priests worldwide?.

A priest – still wearing his collar – approaches a gay ‘accomplice’ of the undercover reporter as their casual affair is caught on camera in the Italian magazine Panorama’s footage